Thursday, August 14, 2014

Due Date Update...

So, the day that we have long awaited has arrived!  Our due date of August 14th is finally here!!!  So many family and friends have been sweet to check in over the last several days waiting and wondering if our little bundle of joy was making his way into the world, so I thought it might be best to update everyone interested at once.  

I went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound and checkup to see how things were going with Baby Bozeman.  Due to a work conference this week, Andy wasn't able to make it, so my mom got to join me and see the nugget on the screen.  A fun outing, for sure!  She got to witness what Andy and I had seen several times before...our little guy snoozing like a champ and the ultrasound tech bouncing him all around to try to make him move, but he just napped on.  Might as well bust out the sweat pants.  It looks like we have one laid back baby in there.  The poor technician tried for 15-20 minutes to make him move.  I turned on my sides, she jiggled and prodded my belly, and she even busted out a buzzer that she said she rarely has to use to wake him up.  Even that just gave us slight squirms.  Please let this indicate he will be a chill baby and a champ napper!  I guess she eventually got what she needed, and she printed me a few really awful pictures of him.  At this point, when they are this big, you just cannot see much at all in there!  The BIG question was also how big is he?  Well, folks, he is estimated to be 8 lbs 15 oz.  Yowzers!  They warn you that there can be at least a pound of error either way, so the way I see it, our boy is likely somewhere between 8 and 10 pounds.  Take that, toothless wonder at the flea market that asked if I was carrying twins!!!  Just one fairly sizable babe in there.

From the ultrasound we went on to my doctor.  She said after looking at the results of the ultrasound, things look great.  My fluids are good, baby's heartbeat is strong, and he seems very content and happy in there.  Before she "checked" me, we had the obligatory conversation about what to do now that I have reached my due date with a fairly large baby.  My doctor is not a fan of inducing (especially if the mother's body has not naturally progressed to a certain point), and neither am I.  Not that things won't come to that (because they may), but I just don't feel like I need to force him out before I really have to. She discussed the fears that many have about waiting out an already sizable baby up to another 2 weeks, and that was something I had considered as well.  Basically, it was up to me.  I could have said let's induce and get this jig over with.  She then checked my progress (I think we all know what that means?), and I have made no real progress in the last few weeks.  So, at that point, I felt a sense of peace in waiting him out another week.  Clearly, my body and baby were saying it wasn't quite time.  And as I told my doctor, I am not miserable at this point.  Frankly, I feel extremely blessed to have made it this far!  God has allowed me to carry this sweet boy to this point.  What's a few more days/couple more weeks, right?  I'll tell myself that for now. :)  Although, I won't lie.  Andy and I both feel a small tinge of disappointment in the fact that he isn't ready to come today.  You just get so used to that date in your head!!!

So for now, we are taking it a day at a time.  I will see the doctor again next Wednesday, and I would assume we will have to set a date for inducing from there if things haven't changed.  Regardless, we will have a baby by the end of the month!  They won't allow me to go any longer than matter what Baby Grant says!  As always, prayers and happy thoughts are welcomed by our family.  Thanks for reading (if you made it this far!).

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