Monday, January 20, 2014

One Year In...

This past Saturday marked one year of being in our current home.  It's crazy to think that by this time in our last house, we already knew we were moving and had it on the market to sell.  Thankfully, we are not in that same position this time around.  Andy is still plugging away in his position at the hospital as I am in my position at my school.  No plans to move anywhere just yet!

Here are a few pictures to show the difference that a year can make in a home (the notes in parentheses are to list updates made since the photo was taken)...

Dining Room Before
Dining Room Progress (chairs have been changed up, as well as table decor)
Living Room Before
Living Room Progress (minus new curtains, new kitchen lighting, and lamp change-up)
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom Progress (minus curtains, new nightstands, and a new end-of-the-bed storage bench)
Basement Before
Basement Progress (minus Fathead on wall)
Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom Progress (minus new framed photo, towel bar removal, and curtains)
Screened Porch Before
Screened Porch Progress (minus new color scheme and removal of bamboo shade)
Half Bath Before
Half Bath Progress
TV Room Basement Before
TV Room Basement Progress
"Starry" Guest Bedroom Before

"Starry" Guest Bedroom Progress

Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Bedroom Progress

Open Upstairs Room Before

Open Upstairs Room Progress

Foyer Before

Foyer Progress

I labeled all of the "afters" as "progress" because many of these rooms/areas have already been tweaked, and the truth is, I never really feel like a space is finished.  After looking through the photos for this post I realized just how much I have never blogged about.  The new lighting in the kitchen, the new curtains in the living room (and a non-iPhone pic of the master bedroom curtains), the new nightstands in the master bedroom, the new additions in furniture to the living room, and a bit of new artwork around the house.  I guess when you post as sporadically as I do, you are bound to miss a few things!  Hopefully I will get around to those soon...

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