Monday, November 4, 2013

Lighting Love...

Poor Andy has been working like a dog lately.  October is a big month in his hospital accounting world, so he has been working long hours even on weekends.  Well, all that wrapped up this past Friday (thank goodness!), so he said he would make it up to me on Saturday.  Alabama just happened to have a bye week this week (funny how that works, huh?), but I took him up on it anyway and decided I wanted a day in the city.  So off to Atlanta we went!

I wanted to make an IKEA and Target run for sure, and I hoped I could also talk him into a few other stops.  I didn't want to push my luck too much, so we started with lunch. :)  If you are ever in the Roswell area, Brookwood Grill is SO delicious!  It reminded us a lot of J. Alexander's--great salads!!!

Surprisingly, I only came home with a few spoils from our trip.  And even more surprising--Andy was the only one who made a purchase at IKEA!  An ice cream cone and shoe forms for his dress shoes (99 cents each--he was stoked).  My big find of the day came at the Ballard Designs Outlet.  There are 2 in Atlanta, but we went to the larger, more heavily discounted location.  After looking around, I spotted something I immediately recognized and had to know more about...

After all of the discounts were applied, I scored my pendant for less than 100 bucks (tax included!).  I was pretty excited.  Andy wasn't totally swayed until I showed him a few pictures online AND showed him the retail price--that always helps!

The new light will be replacing this small chandelier in the eat-in kitchen area.

The existing fixture is not at all offensive, but I can't wait to see what the new one will look like in the space!

Here she is!  I have yet to figure out what is wrong with this light.  Let's cross our fingers it isn't something that will keep it from turning on!  I guess there is a chance that it might have been a return, and there may be nothing wrong with it at all.  Here's to hoping!

Andy has promised to get this up sometime this week.  Pictures to come!  Think this will finally make us come up with a kitchen table option sometime soon???

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