Saturday, November 2, 2013

Basement Progress...

As seen in my last post, we have been trying to give the basement a little love lately.  Not every room in the basement has been given attention, but we have made some progress down there.  Here we go...

This is the first part of the basement that you come to when coming down the stairs.  The stairwell comes down to the right in this picture.  The door on the left leads to a large stubbed bathroom that we currently use as a storage room.  No need for an attic here!

We grouped our diplomas above the couch (they went with the color scheme).  Oddly enough, we met after we had each chosen our colleges/graduate colleges, but we both managed to graduate from Lipscomb University and Tennessee Tech University.  Weird, huh?

The rug was intended for the outdoors (from Pier 1).  I had watched it for months thinking it might be a fun basement addition, but I did NOT want to pay the nearly 200 dollar price tag.  I waited and waited and ended up scoring it on clearance in Atlanta for 40 bucks!  The pillows hail from IKEA and Kirkland's (all cheap finds), and I found the chevron pouf in Rome at Tuesday Morning.  Even though none of the items above are truly crimson, it works for me!

The houndstooth chair that has now been through 3 homes and an apartment.  Still love how it turned out!

Moving on to the next room...the pool table room.  Andy received the Alabama pool table cover last Christmas--I love that it covers that yucky green felt on the table! You can see the striping we completed on the walls--I love the pop that it adds.  We also brought our old kitchen stools (that wouldn't fit under the kitchen counter here) down to provide seating for pool players--it works well!

Again, the FatHead will go on this wall.  I am still a bit paranoid about putting it on the walls right now (it's still a bit warm/humid here).  I've asked Andy to hold out just a little while longer until it cools off for good for us to put it up.  The houndstooth pillows were actually a Wal-Mart find (Better Homes brand) and were really reasonably priced!

His vintage Alabama posters and stadium shot ended up on the long wall...

And another old print was dug up for the other wall.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the room.  The new paint really goes a long way to brighten the space and takes years off of the room.  We intend to carry the paint into the other rooms now that we've seen the change.

And while we are down here, another less-photographed room--my craft room.  I really love this room with the built-ins, but I've yet to do much with it.  I'm planning to hem my yellow bird curtains (from our previous dining room) to put on the windows, and I'd like to build/buy a table for my sewing machine/scrapbooking stuff.  Maybe one day!

More home progress to come!

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