Saturday, October 26, 2013

Master Bath Updates...

Believe it or not, we've actually completed several projects around here.  But seeing as though I have blogged about next to none of them, I thought I would try to start the process of catching up.

First up, the master bathroom...

As you may know, we painted the bathroom this past summer.  Andy installed a set of blinds in the bathroom to start.  We had a paper shade up that the previous owners had left, and it was yellowing and gross.  A set of 2-inch white blinds did the trick!

He also installed a set of panels that my mom made for us.  I have had this fabric for a couple of years now just waiting on the right space to use it in.  I didn't have enough of either fabric piece to complete both panels, so we decided to color-block the white in at the bottom.  I thought it tied in nicely with the tile work in the bathroom.

The triangle above the trim used to be chocolate brown.  But after more coats that I care to talk about, we got it to match the other 2 ceiling walls.  Why they were ever painted brown, I can't be sure.  It just makes so much more sense to paint it out like a part of the ceiling.

The curtains went a long way to softening up the bathroom.  Without a shower curtain in a bath, it can feel so cold.  I really like the change!

A shot of how we cheated the system.  Yes, we still have another triangle left to paint.  We knew we had to paint the first triangle before the curtains could be installed, but we still have yet to muster the energy to tackle the other one.  Maybe one day!

More to come...

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