Saturday, October 26, 2013

Painting in the Basement...

It all started with Andy receiving an Alabama FatHead for Christmas last year.  We knew we were set to close on this house, and we knew that the basement had a pool table room, and we knew that Andy would take over the basement as the Alabama Man Cave, so we thought a FatHead would be a pretty perfect gift.  But, I knew that we would likely need to paint the pool table room at some point to hang the FatHead and it match well.

This is the room that we started with...

Not an awful paint color on the walls, but coupled with the mocha carpet, it gave off a pinky-beige color.  Not only was it not really my cup of tea, it would not work well with the Alabama logo (including a soft gray).

As you might assume, this room was pretty low on the priority list seeing as though it is in the basement and rarely seen.  However, Andy was a sad puppy about his Christmas gift sitting in a box and not being used, so my mom and I decided to tackle the paint job.

I color-matched the gray in the logo the best that I could, and believe it or not, the color from our master bathroom (a soft blue-gray) was the closest hit.  I also decided I wanted to try striping the two shorter walls at each end of the room so that the FatHead would really pop on one of those two walls.  

My mom actually painted the entire base coat on the room.  She came up one Thursday night and painted all day Friday while I was at work.  We striped the walls together when I got home.  Now, the color reads VERY blue in these pictures, but it really does read the same as the gray in the logo.

We taped off the walls to give ourselves 15-ish inch stripes (I think?).  We took a step darker on the same color card to get the stripe color.  That color reads much more gray on the walls.  I chose to go ahead and swipe the color in the correct spaces on the walls (like I had in the half bathroom I striped) to ensure that I didn't get too crazy and paint the wrong color in the wrong spot.


One wall finished!  I'll try to hold off on any other photos in here until we get the FatHead up and running.  You are supposed to wait at least 30 days after painting to put one on your walls, so I wanted to give it even more time than that due to it being in a basement (more humidity).  

More to come...

Basement Update...

We have actually done quite a bit in the basement as of late, but I'll start with one small update that sort of got the ball rolling.  Everybody loves a little lighting update, right?

We started with this little light leading down to the basement.

It wasn't overly offensive, but it did give off a cheap/outdated vibe.  So I happened to be in Home Depot one day and found a small outdoor light that gave off more of a craftsman vibe.  And it was 25 buckaroos.  Not too shabby for a quick change.

And here it is...

I really love it.  It's a bit bigger than the last one, and it just fits better with the house.  As you can see in the picture, I need to do a little touch-up painting around the mount, but it will do for now.  We've already been painting a bit down there, so who knows, we may tackle this stairwell some day too.

More to come...

Master Bath Updates...

Believe it or not, we've actually completed several projects around here.  But seeing as though I have blogged about next to none of them, I thought I would try to start the process of catching up.

First up, the master bathroom...

As you may know, we painted the bathroom this past summer.  Andy installed a set of blinds in the bathroom to start.  We had a paper shade up that the previous owners had left, and it was yellowing and gross.  A set of 2-inch white blinds did the trick!

He also installed a set of panels that my mom made for us.  I have had this fabric for a couple of years now just waiting on the right space to use it in.  I didn't have enough of either fabric piece to complete both panels, so we decided to color-block the white in at the bottom.  I thought it tied in nicely with the tile work in the bathroom.

The triangle above the trim used to be chocolate brown.  But after more coats that I care to talk about, we got it to match the other 2 ceiling walls.  Why they were ever painted brown, I can't be sure.  It just makes so much more sense to paint it out like a part of the ceiling.

The curtains went a long way to softening up the bathroom.  Without a shower curtain in a bath, it can feel so cold.  I really like the change!

A shot of how we cheated the system.  Yes, we still have another triangle left to paint.  We knew we had to paint the first triangle before the curtains could be installed, but we still have yet to muster the energy to tackle the other one.  Maybe one day!

More to come...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Randomness...

To start, the last noteworthy stop on our San Francisco trip:  A Giants Game!

The field sits right on the bay...GORGEOUS!!!

Yep, this guy planned to just pull up his boat and watch from the bay, I guess...

It was SO cold at the game, but we had a good time.  We tried the infamous Garlic Fries and they were DELICIOUS.  

In other news, Andy survived his first year as a Controller!  I made him a chocolate chip cookie cake to celebrate.  It was decorated before work at approximately 6 AM...that may explain a lot.

We finally hung curtains in our bedroom.  My mom sewed them up real nice, and Andy installed them.

We had to use a curtain rod designed for bay windows for the panels.  I had never seen one in person before--just rubber elbow joints in the corners and you have a bay window rod!  We got ours at Lowe's, and it was literally the ONLY choice.  Thankfully I liked the color.

My mom also made a soft roman for the single window in the room.

These are awful iPhone pics, so I'll try to post better pictures later.  Basically, the fabric helped to tie all of the colors in the bedding and rug together.  It has the gray, the coral, and the mustard yellow in it.  It was meant to be!

Our porch for fall!  Since this picture, the mums are looking a little less lively and I've added white pumpkins.  Other than that, the same. :)

And that concludes my random thoughts for today!