Sunday, August 11, 2013

Napa Valley...

We rented a car for a couple of days during our San Francisco stay so that we could travel to Napa Valley and other destinations just outside of the city.  It was a refreshing change to ride around in our own car as opposed to being smashed up next to a stranger on the bus or subway.  

Let me preface the Napa Valley pics by saying, Andy and I don't drink.  Yes, I know, we are complete weirdos, and it seems very countercultural to go through life day after day completely sober, but somehow we manage. ;)  So you won't see us trying anything out in a tasting room...attempting the swirl and sniff that so many people are in to (we found it to be pretty entertaining to watch people get really serious over their wines, though!).  However, we, too, wanted to appreciate the Napa landscape, and we found it quite interesting.  Winery after winery along the road on both sides--it really was neat to see it in person.  But as far as the wine goes, we couldn't really tell you if it lives up to the hype!

Out of the numerous wineries we could have tried, we went for Castello di Amorosa Winery.  They built the winery and museum to look like an old castle.  What can I say?  We were there for the tour more than anything, so we might as well see a cool looking facility!

We were afraid it would be a little cheesy/over the top, but it was actually a pretty neat place.

The views were pretty amazing...

A fun tour!

While we had the car, we also drove a little ways out of town to Silicon Valley to see a few corporate offices we were interested in...

FACEBOOK!  This is where the magic happens...

Andy made fun of my thumbs up on this one.  Said it was way too crooked to be a thumbs up...

GOOGLE!!!  These offices were much more impressive than Facebook's...

They had these bikes all over the campus that weren't locked up.  You could just ride them around!

Next stop...Stanford University.

We even ate in their food court--it's just as mediocre as any other food court at a university, FYI.

The football stadium...guess who wanted this picture?

Another stop was made at APPLE!

We took this picture and then thought it might be fun to take one with all of the Apple products we had on us...

Embarrassingly, we had 3. :)

Lastly, Andy snapped this picture on a run one morning of Pinterest's corporate office.  It is right in the heart of San Francisco.  Nothing was really obvious about it being the Pinterest offices, but the "P" gives it away. :)

This stop was to see a swanky golf course that Andy knew about.  It's The Olympic Club.  Apparently, the US Open was played here in 2012.

More to come!

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