Monday, July 1, 2013

When in Rome...

Prepare yourself for way too many iPhone photos of our latest adventures in Rome.  It's hard to believe we are quickly approaching our 1 year mark here.  It truly has flown!  Although we continue to miss Nashville terribly (I cry nearly every time I cross the Davidson county lines) and all that went with it, we are slowly but surely making Georgia home as well.  We have decided that there will always be a sweet spot in our hearts for Tennessee, but we are trying to make the most of our time away.  On to the pictures...

Some sweet friends have really opened our eyes to many more of the things that Berry College has to offer.  We were used to the biking trails, but had not yet really tried out the hiking trails.  We have really enjoyed them!

Andy actually took my phone and snapped this picture down by the reservoir.  Very artsy-fartsy for Andy, if I do say so myself.

We managed to somehow snap this decent picture of us as well.

The trail that we took down by the reservoir was extra wide, which is really nice for talking as you walk.  We even thought it would be a great place to bring the pup.

I loved the look of this tree winding over the trail.  Very cool...

We also ventured out on another evening with our bikes to ride along the river.  We started at a really neat walking bridge before our ride began.  I had no clue that our ride would require stints on major roads--more than slightly nerve-wracking!  Let's just say Andy is a LOT more confident on his bike than I am!

My helmet always sits this high on my head.  I just assumed it was my head's fault.  But then I made Andy try it on during our ride.  He proceeded to tell me how terrible my helmet was and asked how I had been riding with it so long.  Before he could finish talking, I made off with his helmet (while loudly humming the tune that plays in The Wizard of Oz when the mean old lady rides away with Toto on her bike) and he had to wear mine the whole way back to the car.  Sucker!!!

A sweet friend that I had met at church in Rome moved away to Kentucky, so another friend and I traveled to see her this past week.  We visited Mammoth Caves while there (I hadn't been since childhood)--so neat!  So, technically this isn't a Rome picture, but it was another notable moment I wanted to remember.

One of Andy's sisters came to stay this past weekend with her boyfriend.  We had the best time showing them around town!  So glad they were able to visit.  We took them to Berry on Saturday (you have to see the old mill, of course) to hike and swim.

My hub...

You aren't really supposed to swim in the reservoir, but we hiked around to a quiet, secluded spot just to dip in the water for a bit.  It was so hot!

We also took them up to Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

Great views of the city from up there!

This is Andy's boy band shot...

We also discovered that President Woodrow Wilson's wife was buried in the cemetery with her family. Pretty cool...

All in all, we had a great time and are hoping they can visit again soon!  

So these are some of the things you can do..."When in Rome." :)

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