Sunday, July 28, 2013

San Francisco Trip: Golden Gate Bridge and The Painted Ladies

Andy and I are still adjusting back to life in GA after an AMAZING trip to San Francisco this past week.  First off, I must start with an enormous thank you to Andy, my personal travel agent, for carefully planning out each day and arranging for tickets and reservations everywhere we visited.  When we travel it is almost like a surprise for me to see all that he has planned--he's that good!

We actually booked our flights during a Southwest promotion last winter (intending to go on the trip in January).  However, we ended up closing on our house the weekend that we were planning to go to CA, so we moved the trip to this summer.  It allowed us to extend the trip which ended up being a really good thing (so much to see and do!).  I decided to divide up our vacation into various sights/highlights, just in case someone else is planning a trip to San Fran anytime soon.  

I also decided to start with the two sights I most wanted to we go!

First up, the Golden Gate Bridge!  It is nearly impossible to get a good shot of the bridge (as you will see!).  That darn fog gets you every time.  We went back from several different locations on a couple of different days, but we still were unable to get the perfect shot.  However, the bridge is EVERY BIT as cool as you would think that it would be.  It is so much bigger than I ever imagined!

We managed to get this shot when a very kind man offered to take our picture.  Although I had purchased a tripod before the trip, it is simply way too windy to use one anywhere close to the bridge (unless you try from beneath the bridge, which you will see pictures of later). 

Andy wanted a shot to show just how windy it was up there!

I dare you to find a girl whose hair doesn't look like this from above the bridge!

Tripod shot...

Andy snapped this while I was taking a picture with my other camera.  Not bad, Bozeman.

Driving on the bridge...

Pictures from walking on the bridge...

I used the Color Accent button on my smaller camera for this one.  Pretty cool!

My favorite shot from the trip!  


On to the Painted Ladies...cue the Full House theme song!

Here they are!  Everywhere you look, bah badda bah ba da...

Andy didn't see what the big deal was.  Clearly someone wasn't as into Full House as I was.

The Painted Ladies are sitting along a park (Alamo Square Park, I believe), and they truly aren't all that special in person.  Meaning, there are many more impressive Victorians around town, but with the help of the Full House intro., they have become quite a tourist spot.

While we were taking this, three girls were making a video of themselves singing the Full House theme song while standing in front of the houses.  Too funny.

This was another house in the neighborhood that I liked.  So much detail!

So there you have it, two SF spots we visited.  Muir Woods, Napa Valley, and more to come!

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