Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Finds...

While my mom was in town helping me paint, we did take a day or two to shop around town.  We headed to Dogtown Furniture one day after rearranging my living room (and discovering I actually did have room for another full-sized chair--and not just the Target slipper chairs we had been using).  My mom had never been, so it was a good time.  I ended up finding something I really liked...

It doesn't look like much in this iPhone picture, but it is a muted gray/brown herringbone patterned swivel-glider chair.  And boy is it comfy!  I liked the look of it to begin with (and the price tag), but then my mom mentioned that a swivel chair would be neat because I would be putting it in a corner of the living room right next to the TV and the chair could be turned to better see the tube (which let's be honest, that's important).  She also mentioned that at some point down the road it would be useful to have a glider on the main floor for baby rocking purposes.  Although we aren't there yet, that sounded like a good idea.  Rocking a baby AND watching TV on the main floor while you do it...not bad.  Needless to say, after a quick text back and forth with Andy, I loaded her up in the car and headed home.  I should include a picture of this chair in her new home, but that would involve getting my camera, uploading the pic, etc., so we'll just imagine for now, okay?

We also checked out a couple of Rome's antique stores while my mom was in.  There are actually several in town, and we were really pleasantly surprised with the two that we chose to visit.  We found several furniture pieces we liked, but I had already spent my wad the day before on the chair.  So, I came home with a little 8 dollar find...

It's a signed print of a statue in the Myrtle Hill Cemetery in town.  It's quite the landmark in Rome, so I thought it was a smart purchase.  I also have a thing for these types of statues (I typically take several pictures of statues like these when Andy and I visit cemeteries when we travel).

The frame was really cheap (and scotch-taped at the bottom), so I popped the print into an old frame I had around the house.  The print landed on a small wall between the living room and kitchen.  Not bad for eight bucks.

So those are our latest finds around these parts.  I've also made several changes in our bedroom decor lately that I'll try to show this week.  Off to run errands!

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