Thursday, June 20, 2013

Master Bedroom Updates...

So, before we get started, please understand that this room is far from finished.  But, I finally feel like I have a direction/color scheme to run with, so that's a good start.

It all started with the striped rug.  I found a deal, and I didn't love the carpeting in our bedroom, so I bought it.  That locked me in to using gold/yellow in the room.

I also found the coral pillows at a Marshall's store several months back...which obviously tied me into using coral in the room.

The gray coverlet, white euros, and gold pillow joined the ensemble when my mom came into town.  Luckily for me, Duncan had chewed rabbit holes through our last chocolate-colored coverlet while trying to get to his dog bone, so I was already in the market for a new one.  We spotted all of the items at TJ Maxx, and everything was priced really well.  

Now it might make more sense why my paintings from last week's beach trip had the colors in them that they did.  I was trying to pull the room together.

We have had the white duvet, and I like how it repeats the white again at the end of the bed.  

The storage cubes at the end of the bed are temporary.  I'm trying to decide if we have enough room to put an upholstered storage bench at the foot of the bed (we only have one dresser between the two of us, so some extra bedroom storage would do us some good).

We obviously have some things to change in here.  The red piece you see in the background came from Hobby Lobby 6-7 years ago, and it has seen better days.  I likely need to paint it.  I also updated the hardware on our bedside table that matches the bed and dresser set (to see how I liked an updated look), and I need to make the same move on the dresser's hardware eventually.  We also need curtains, and I am trying to decide between several coral fabric options for that.  

I don't think we are going to paint in this room if at all possible (it isn't an offensive color and is in good shape).  The master bathroom HAS to be painted due to its deep chocolate color, but the ceilings are vaulted in there, so it will be a bear to tackle.  I need to frame my paintings (you can see I am trying out a gold one for now that I picked up at Michael's) and hang them on either side of the bed.  But then I may call the room done.  Our bedroom already feels more finished in only a few months than our last one did in a year, so hopefully I am a few tweaks away from "good enough"!

I also snapped a couple of pictures of the new chair in the living room, so I'll be back tomorrow to share those...

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