Friday, June 7, 2013

GIANT Painting Project...COMPLETE!!!

After two very long days of painting, my mom and I knocked out the foyer/vaulted living room/kitchen painting.  Things look much better around here--much cleaner and fresher.  We've also updated the living room layout quite a bit, so it almost feels like a new first floor.  Hopefully my mediocre pictures will do the work justice...

Here is a picture of our 18 foot ladder that was used for trim out.  Scary!!!  And yes, my mom and I put this baby up on the wall all by ourselves.  

We also rented a 12 foot step ladder for some of the lower, but still high, trim work (which you can see in the picture of Andy below).  Getting that puppy home in my mom's van was super fun.

Here is a picture of my mom tackling that bear of a big wall.  Three complete coats on this least.

Yes, this is a work shot of Andy to prove that he did pitch in when he got home in the evenings. 

And the dogs?  What did they do?

Yep, they were tons of help.  Duncan had to wear his Thunder Shirt to deal with all of the big ladders and rearranging of furniture.  Pretty sure he thought we were moving again...poor dog.

Here are the after pictures...

As you'll notice, I didn't really clean up the kitchen for the pictures.  It was command central during painting, and I never really got around to cleaning it up afterwards.  I need to get on that.

A huge thanks to my mom for all of the help!  I could have never done it without you!  Thanks to Andy for allowing me to talk myself into crazy projects that involve LOTS of paint and giant ladders.  


  1. It looks awesome! I know you're so happy for it to be done :)

  2. WOW. It looks amazing!!! I'm so impressed with how completely decorated everything looks considering what a short time you've been there! I can't get anything together!!!

  3. Thank you so much!!! You always make me feel better about things--I always feel like it is such a work in progress!