Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Painting the Interior Panel of a Front Door...AGAIN

Hello All!

I know, I know.  It's been a while.  Things have been busy, busy around here closing out another school year.  So glad that summer has finally arrived!  I wasted so much of my summer last year worrying about whether or not Andy would get hired for the position here in GA, finding out he did get the job and scrambling to move, and a lot of other worrying thrown in there about saying goodbye to family and friends, finding a teaching job, etc..  This summer my plan is to relax, get my brain back in gear for teaching in the upper grades again (4th grade to be exact!), and to fix up some things around the house that moving over a weekend in January (and going right back to school) didn't allow me time for.

One of the things I wanted to tackle early on was actually something I had done in our last house (one of the few things I was able to do in only a year living there!).  I decided to paint the interior side of our front door.  Luckily, enough time had passed for me to forget how awful this project really is--but I stuck through it and got it done.

The door that I started with...

I sanded the door down all over (to hopefully help the paint to adhere better).  I was also afraid I was working with oil-based paint on the door (which I was), so the sanding step was intended to help with that.

Then came the awesomely fun job of taping off each pane.

This is the paint that I used.  It's supposed to hold up well on doors, and I was told it would adhere better (in case I was working with oil-based paint--which I was).  I am mentioning the oil-based paint again because this project was nearly impossible because my paint was not sticking well.  It was streaking, and I would brush on a second coat on only to have the first coat come back off in places.  The sections of the door that I sanded well (the flat panels) took the paint MUCH better than the little places between the panes (I had not sanded so well there).  After many more coats than I care to remember, and a day or two between coats to dry, it's done.

The color is Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.  Although it looks black in the pictures, it is more of a deep gunmetal gray.  The following pictures are the washed out, flashed out pictures so that you can see the door better.  Hand up if you still need to learn how to use your camera!

Well, I can say that although very frustrating to complete, this project instantly made the house feel more like home.  I'd like to eventually do the same paint job to the two sets of french doors off of the back of the house (and maybe the door to the garage while I'm at it), but again, I will need to wait long enough to forget how not-fun this project really is!

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