Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Bedroom #2 Paint...DONE

Here is a quick reminder of where we started with this room...

After the room was de-stickered/de-starred, I had a lot of drywall repair to do.  We also had a hole in the wall (hidden by the bed) that needed to be patched.  Now we all know why I put off painting this room!

A Home Depot employee suggested I use this kit for repairing the hole in the wall (which you can see below).  The kit comes with everything you need--mesh patch, spackle, putty knife, and sandpaper.  Since I was new to repairing holes, I figured this was my best bet.  I would highly recommend it!

The hole...

The patch over the hole...

The process of spackling.  Many other places around the room also required spackle.  Then came the process of sanding all of the previously spackled spots, as well as places that had previously been adorned with stickers.  After I sanded (and cleaned up all of the dust), I went over all of my repaired spots with a bit of primer.  I wanted to be extra sure that I wouldn't have issues with my paint sticking.

FINALLY, I began the process of painting.  Andy even joined in the fun to roll the walls (huge help!). We went with Sherwin Williams' Ecru on the walls (a color I had picked out from the bedding) in their Cashmere paint (my fave).  The color actually has a bit of a greenish tint to it, but it is hard to tell in the picture.  The color depth is the same as the other guest bedroom I recently painted, which I liked.  That way they both have a similar feel.

I cannot even begin to express how clean this room feels now.   Like we shaved years off of it.

I am in the process of hemming the second curtain panel for this room, so hopefully Andy and I will get those hung tonight.  I am also working on a collage of some sort for over the bed (using frames that I already have) to heighten the squatty bed on this wall.

We also need to hang this mirror over the dresser.  Hopefully completed pictures to come!

On a completely different note, I spotted a pair of lamps this week in town that I just had to have for our foyer table.  I love the look of the lamps paired with the mirror.  Andy was not excited to see 2 new lamps grace our home, but they are really cute, right?

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