Friday, May 31, 2013

BIG Painting Project...Coming Up!

Well, I have 3 gallons of paint and a 16 foot ladder scheduled for rent next week for a LARGE painting project.  My mom has convinced me that there is no time like the present to update the wall paint in our foyer, vaulted living room, and kitchen.  Yikes.  The paint isn't in awful condition, but it has been touched up over the years, and those touch-ups were not exactly the same finish, so it looks a bit dingy and dated.  Having painted her own vaulted living room in the past, she has also convinced me that we can do it together without the help of a professional painter.  Double yikes.

Here are our befores...


Quite possibly the WORST part of the job...painting above the stairwell???

You can see the kitchen in the background here...

It's going to be a beast of a painting project, but if all goes well, we will only have invested money in 3 gallons of paint (that I scored on sale at Sherwin Williams) and a ladder rental (which will only cost us 30 bucks if we return the same day).  Oh, and did I mention it will cost us A LOT of sweat and back aches?  

Currently, the paint is a greeny-tan, and we are taking it to a true gray.  The color is Intellectual Gray, which is a step down on the color card from Amazing Gray (which we used in the first guest bedroom we painted).  I think it is really going to transform the house to update to a gray.  It's a soft, soothing color, and I'm hoping it will go a long way to neutralize some of the various wood tones contained on the first floor in the kitchen cabinets, flooring, bamboo shades on the windows, furniture, etc.

We are starting Monday--stay tuned!

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