Saturday, April 13, 2013


One of the other guest bedrooms (that is not really talked about often) had a bit of a theme going on when we moved in.  I'm not one for themes (no, not even in my kindergarten classroom), so to see an entire constellation on the ceiling of this bedroom was a bit sickening.  Not to mention the random foam stickers around the room on the doors and drywall (again contributing to the solar system theme).  And then there were the stickers all over the window in this room (an assortment ranging from a Falcons sticker to a USPS sticker).

I was really dreading doing anything about the sticker situation because I feared the worst.  A gooey mess, the stickers taking the paint along with them, etc.  Nevertheless, I was tired of explaining to guests that the stickers were just an added bonus when we bought the house (and not something we had done ourselves).

So, I took an afternoon during Spring Break and tackled the stickers armed with Goo Gone spray and a putty knife...

An example of the foam stickers--hands down, the worst of all of the stickers.  Parents beware--do NOT let your children put these on anything in your home!

The ceiling stars ended up being papery stickers, and other than a couple, came off rather easily.

I ended up counting, and I think there were around 59 stars on the ceiling.  Super fun.

Here is the cleaned up version of this room...

The clean window...much better!

The clean door...other than a yellowed shadow of a moon and star, we are good to go.

No more starred ceiling!

So, as you can see in this picture, we still have some drywall work to do and I need to paint.  But at least this room isn't a complete embarrassment anymore.


We also updated a light fixture in the powder room on the first floor.  Here is what we started with...

I had changed out the mirror when we moved in.  There was a builder-grade, oval mirror here before.  I've used this same mirror in 3 different homes now!

The light looked a little cheap and outdated, so I started looking for a reasonably priced replacement that looked a bit more contemporary.

One last shot of the old fixture...

And I finally decided on this one...

A little more farmhouse/mission feel to this one.  I also liked the rubbed bronze finish.

It's really hard to photograph with the light on, but the half bath has no window or other lighting, so it has to be photographed with the light on.  It's a real pickle, I tell you.

I really like the new look, and for 50 bucks shipped, I think we did okay.  Handy Andy had this puppy up in no time, so he wasn't hating the change either!


We recently took a night to go into Atlanta to visit the Fox Theatre for the first time.  It totally lives up to its reputation.  You honestly feel like you've been transported back in time when you walk in the door.  I will definitely be back!

We saw Mary Poppins and it was really cute.  Andy didn't hate it, which was a plus.  The music brought me right back to my childhood--how many times did we watch that tape, Mom?

It's always nice to get out without the kid and see the town. :)