Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dining Room Updates

Well, the lighting has officially been changed out in the dining room, so it is high time to show you what's been done.

Just a reminder of where we started...

Then we added our furniture...

And then we changed the paint, the lighting, added curtains, and other decor...

So this is the current state of our dining room.  Much more us!

We pulled the previous living room curtains into this room.  I am really loving them in here.  My mom let out the hem a bit, and then they were good to go!

For lighting, we went with the Short Drum Pendant from West Elm again.  Andy promised me I could get another one when we moved (I wanted to snatch the one from our previous dining room and take it with us).  I just didn't feel like I had enough time to love on it at the last house!

The red flower canvas was previously in our master bedroom in our first house, our foyer and the living room in the last house, and now it's made its home in our dining room here.  A very versatile piece for us!

The furniture is the same, the bird prints were brought back for another round, and the white lamps were previously in a guest bedroom.

The West Elm rug is also the same.  I just really liked it under the table in the last house and wanted to give it another go.

I love the arched doorway coming into the room--such fun details!  And last but not least, we went with Sherwin Williams' Quiver Tan on the walls.  Although NOT fun to paint over red, we are SO glad that we did.  It went a long way to calm and update the room. 

And just to recap, here is a side by shot of the before and after.  Much better!

So, are things finished in here?  Well, other than updating the table runner and eventually recovering the off-white seat covers on the X-back chairs (I'm thinking something burlap-like, but ideally not as itchy)...YES.  One room semi-finished! 

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