Thursday, March 28, 2013

It truly is amazing...

So, as is fairly typical for me, I painted a room during my week off.  Here is the guest bedroom prior to the new paint...

The lighting isn't great, but you get the picture.  The paint color was original to the house (and most of the house is the very same color).  So, the paint wasn't in terrible condition, but it was a flat finish and six years old (and not doing anything for the decor in the room).  I pulled a gray from the new fabric that will be going on the windows in here, and went a bit lighter to get the wall color.  I went with Sherwin Williams "Amazing Gray,"  and it is officially amazing!

The IKEA dresser was assembled by Andy.  The directions are never the best, but he did a great job!

This bedroom is very much the same set up from the last house, but I like the wall color much better.  Much less blue--more gray.  

Other than the dresser, the only thing I purchased for the room is the new coverlet.  It's a subtle chevron design and super soft--thank you, TJ Maxx!

In case anyone wonders, I used SW's Cashmere paint.  Do NOT let me buy any other paint if I can help it!  It goes on like butter.  It makes trimming out so much easier--the paint literally glides off the brush where it needs to go (I am not the best trimmer, so this is huge!).

You may or may not recognize the yellow lamps from our previous dining room.  I like them a lot better in this room.

Again, not sure if the pictures do the change justice, but it completely changed the feel of the room.  The moldings look whiter and the carpet looks cleaner...funny how wall paint can do that.  I cannot wait to get the curtains up in here--it will be such a fun pop of color!  A taste of the fabric for the curtains...

As I told Andy last night, it's the finished product that keeps me coming back for more paint.  It immediately makes a room feel more like us, and it goes a long way to making a room feel fresh and clean.  However, this was the easier bedroom to begin the painting saga with.  Meet Van Gogh's Starry Night...

Oh, wait.  That's the other guest bedroom.  And the stickers are also on the doors and the windows!  So before any painting can even begin in this room, Goo-Gone and I have to become close friends. :( 

We'll see how far I get with that today...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dining Room Updates

Well, the lighting has officially been changed out in the dining room, so it is high time to show you what's been done.

Just a reminder of where we started...

Then we added our furniture...

And then we changed the paint, the lighting, added curtains, and other decor...

So this is the current state of our dining room.  Much more us!

We pulled the previous living room curtains into this room.  I am really loving them in here.  My mom let out the hem a bit, and then they were good to go!

For lighting, we went with the Short Drum Pendant from West Elm again.  Andy promised me I could get another one when we moved (I wanted to snatch the one from our previous dining room and take it with us).  I just didn't feel like I had enough time to love on it at the last house!

The red flower canvas was previously in our master bedroom in our first house, our foyer and the living room in the last house, and now it's made its home in our dining room here.  A very versatile piece for us!

The furniture is the same, the bird prints were brought back for another round, and the white lamps were previously in a guest bedroom.

The West Elm rug is also the same.  I just really liked it under the table in the last house and wanted to give it another go.

I love the arched doorway coming into the room--such fun details!  And last but not least, we went with Sherwin Williams' Quiver Tan on the walls.  Although NOT fun to paint over red, we are SO glad that we did.  It went a long way to calm and update the room. 

And just to recap, here is a side by shot of the before and after.  Much better!

So, are things finished in here?  Well, other than updating the table runner and eventually recovering the off-white seat covers on the X-back chairs (I'm thinking something burlap-like, but ideally not as itchy)...YES.  One room semi-finished! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Around the House...

I was playing around with my camera this morning, and decided to post a few pictures of a few slightly staged rooms.  We are making progress, but most of the rooms in the house are not nearly finished.  I promised finished pictures of the dining room, and hopefully by the end of the weekend I can deliver.  The part finally came in for our new light fixture, so Andy will try to get that up soon.  Will show and tell when we get there!

Bird print collage in the dining room...I didn't keep the ZGallerie mirror in the dining room this time.  I think the prints get a little more attention this way.

I can't remember if I ever showed this Pier 1 zebra canvas, but I had purchased it for our last foyer in staging the house to sell (needed something massive).  It definitely works as a statement piece in our new living room!

My mom and dad got me this runner for Christmas.  I really love it in the foyer.  The table to the right is new, and I finally was able to put a mirror to use that I never had the chance to hang in the last house.

Another shot...need to use my cord clips on this piece to better hide the lamp cord.  Baskets under there will likely help too.

And one more shot.

Guest bedroom upstairs...look familiar?  Just need to get some curtains up and paint the walls!

We purchased this larger IKEA dresser shortly after moving in to better complement the bed.  Handy Andy made it happen!

The powder room on the first floor got a mirror update (not pictured) and a bit of an art sprucing.  Love the crab paintings on the first floor where I can see them!

This is the open, landing room upstairs.  We weren't really sure what to do with it, so we've made it a library/office space.  Looking for a cute reading chair for the corner at some point.  Some fun curtains would also liven up the space!

Another shot of the bookcase...

We purchased a new chair not too long ago for the living room.  A much better quality chair than our last leather chair from Target (that one went to the basement).  This was a Marshall's find--a Lane leather chair for a great price.  Can't beat that!

There are many more spaces to show you, but that's a taste of what our junk looks like in the new place.  Off to change up some lighting!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dining Room...BEFORE

I thought I'd take a moment to showcase the one room in the house that we have really made significant changes to at this point.  I would show the "after" pictures, but we have had a few issues changing out the lighting...and it still isn't finished.  So I'll wait to do an official shot after we get that done.

Here we have the dining room...

All in all, I love the room...well, the bones of the room.  The moldings, wainscoting, craftsman-style windows + transoms, arched doorway, etc. really fit my fancy.  However, as you can see in the picture above, the red walls were quite an issue with our furniture.  Our red server sits along the wall...totally clashing, while our red leather parsons chairs (wondering where they were in this picture?  maybe I had pulled them out to prepare for painting?) were also stirring up trouble at each end of the table.  Enough said, the red HAD to go, sooner rather than later.

We went with a really neat putty/grayish color on the walls I'll tell you all about, and it went a long way to making the room feel much less traditional and much more us.  We also knew we needed to make a lighting change.  Not that the light was altogether bad, it just didn't really work with our decor.  We might have chosen a light fixture that we already knew worked with our stuff...but you will have to wait and see!

We brought our old chipper curtains from the last house into this room (we needed 4 panels--I had 4 panels), as well, and I officially love them even more than I did in the last house.  If ever there is a room to go crazy with pattern is the dining room.  You can quote me on that. :)

As you can see, a neat room that just needed a few minor updates.  Can't wait to show you the finished product!