Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Happenings...

Is it a little late for a Christmas post?  I thought so.  With all of our traveling, I never really got around to posting, so here we go in no real order...

Duncan sported his footie pajamas during the holidays.  Hilarious.

He also struggled with whether he possessed cat-like qualities along the way.

Andy was given a wooden clock by my granddad.  The wood was taken from a huge sycamore tree that stood in my parents' backyard (they have now moved from that house--so a little bit of history in this clock!).  Granddad saw the plan for making one of these, and he designed it just for Andy.  Pretty cool!

The Fitz kids posed for a Christmas picture for my mom.  That's my grandmama's white and purple Christmas tree in the background that she has been sporting since I can remember.  I love it.  Rarely do I see anything like it--so her!

Duncan's Grammy got him a ThunderShirt (a weighted vest of sorts).  Yes, our dog has some anxiety issues he's working through.  We've already busted it out when we leave him during the day, and it seems he is a bit less destructive.  We'll have to see how this thing does in a storm--poor guy usually shakes like a leaf.  We'll see!

Andy got to visit the good old Regal 8 of Tullahoma over the holidays.  Stadium seating?  No way.  Ancient roller-coaster Regal Cinemas intro before the movie?  Most definitely.  It's a one of a kind experience.

Granddad also gifted me something wooden (also made out of the old sycamore).  Beautifully turned candlesticks!  So neat.  PS--We had our Gray Family Christmas gathering at my aunt's art studio--that's what you are seeing in the background.  We were surrounded by original paintings, sculptures, etc.  Pretty cool backdrop!

Duncan sported a ponytail at one point.  He loved it.

Duncan was also given his very own, homemade knitted scarf by my sister.  He looked rather sophisticated if you ask me.

How's that for a random load of pictures?   A lot of the furry guy, I know.  But we were extra thankful for him this Christmas after all he'd been through.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well!

Happy New Year!