Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Thirtieth and Third...

Let's start the updating with Andy's 30th birthday...

Although I had planned for some time to throw Andy a big surprise party or something equally fun to celebrate his 30th year--we sort of moved states and both started new jobs along the way.  Throwing a surprise party in another state and somehow getting Andy there for it without him knowing, as well as picking a weekend he would not be working, just didn't seem feasible.  So on to Plan B.  I decided to still attempt to include family and friends in surprising him...just in a different way.  I asked everyone to send me a special thought, memory, or general well-wishing to add to a 30th Birthday Book I was creating online.  I also asked for pictures so that I could add those in along the way.  Well, the friends and family came through in a big way and the birthday book was a huge success.  Although Andy's birthday was right smack in the middle of Duncan's surgery fiasco, I think he really enjoyed looking through the book.  It was a great reminder that though we have moved away from many of our family and friends, Andy is very loved and highly though of.  It was actually pretty neat putting the book together and seeing the sweet stories and kind thoughts regarding the Hubs.  As if I didn't already know he was a pretty sweet catch, it only helped to validate it. :)

The Birthday Book


Along with Andy's 30th birthday celebration, we celebrated something else around here...  our 3rd wedding anniversary!  

A shot from our hike...nice hand in the way, huh?

With all of the craziness this year, we decided to get away to the mountains with our recently healed pup.  

The new sock monkey sweater that made the trip with us...

We ventured to the Blue Ridge mountains as I had found an adorable, newer cabin just a few miles from town.  

The view from our room...

We had such a great time.  We realized just how much we really needed the trip once we got there.  We read, we shopped in the little town of Blue Ridge (adorable), and we went on a short hike.  I, of course, had caught some sort of cold at school, so trying one of Andy's famous "oh, it's just 4 miles one way" hikes didn't seem like a good idea.  

Our cabin...

We had our official anniversary dinner at a restaurant called "Harvest on  Main" and it was delicious.  We could not have asked for more relaxation, better views, or better weather.  

Duncan thought the leather coffee table was a landing pad for him.  He stayed here with "Blurble the Turtle" most of the weekend.

And having our baby pup there with us wasn't so bad either.


Last but not least, I wanted to reference a post from somewhere around a year ago.  I wrote it looking back over our second year of marriage.  I was looking through my blog archives for a picture recently and found it.  A couple of lines have haunted me a bit ever since... 

What will our third year hold?  Well, we aren't really sure.  But we will say there are NO plans to move any time soon.  Duncan said he's through with relocating, and what he says goes.

Wow.  When I read it, I almost laughed out loud.  How sure we were approximately one year ago that we had everything figured out and we were staying put.  

I remember that feeling of finally being settled, loving our home, looking forward to the holidays, and just knowing...knowing...that we were going to be there for a long time.  And yet here I sit in another state blogging from an apartment while Andy finishes up some things at the hospital.  Do you know who else was likely amused approximately one year ago as I confidently typed those words?  More than likely our God was... 

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,  but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

My purpose is not to get preachy, my friends.  But to share what I have been taught in a large way in our third year of marriage.  Andy and I are planners by nature...both oldest children attempting to have everything figured out.  There is nothing inherently wrong with planning things out, but I think we now realize that things can change.  After all, life doesn't come with crystal balls, does it?  I am so thankful that our hearts and minds were opened to moving and changing the plans that we had for our lives.  

We have been blessed by the changes (though it's not always been easy) in many ways, and I thank God that He knows far better than we do where our path needs to go.  In short, plan...but be open to new opportunities.  

That being said, we have recently decided to try our hand at a new opportunity...home ownership in Rome!  We are very early on in the process, so no details to be shared at this point.  We are excited about the prospect of spreading out in a home again, having all of our junk together in one place, and having a place for friends and family to come and visit.  Details to come as Andy and I are ready to share them.  As many of you know, lots of things have to come together when buying a home...wish us luck!

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