Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Patio Furniture...

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I stopped in a Catalog Returns Outlet store.  They bring in items that have been returned to stores whether purchased through a catalog or online.  The items at times can be damaged, but not always.  I'm sure we've all purchased something on the internet at one time or another that didn't exactly fit our fancy and we returned it.  Thus, the Catalog Returns Outlet.  

I always try to get in there when I am visiting my parents because I occasionally can find really amazing deals.  The last time I stopped in, they were running a Black Friday special.  So all items that were already discounted had an additional 30% off.  While perusing, I found a patio set that I just fell in love with.  I had looked at several of their patio sets before, but had never seen them as discounted as they were on this particular day.  So even though Andy and I are living in an apartment, and even though we are not in a house yet, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

Here is the set...
 And here is one of the chairs (minus the bottom cushion) in our overly crowded living room...

I like the durability of the plastic wicker, and I think the lighter cushions won't show sun fading as badly.  Hopefully we will have a patio soon for this set to call home.  Fingers crossed!

***If you have a moment, say a quick prayer for Andy's sweet granddad who is in the hospital at this time.  We are hoping he is better soon.  It's no fun to be sick at the holidays!***

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