Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Happenings...

Just a couple of items from the month of December that I haven't blogged about...

First, Andy and I were able to go to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.  Shout-out to Andy's dad--thanks for the tickets!  I, of course, was psyched to go because the game was only an hour or so away--thanks to living in Rome.  And the SEC game in the last few years has gotten to be a much bigger deal--the winner was expected to go to the National Championship, as you know.  So, needless to say, these games are pretty exciting.  We got there early, went to the SEC par-tay, and ate lots of uber-healthy food. :)

Cool tickets, right?

The obligatory game picture.  I only wish you could see the ridiculously annoying lady behind us.  The ENTIRE game she yelled, "GO BAMA!  DEEE-FENSE!  OOO-FENSE!" in the most raspy, give-you-an-immediate-migraine sort of way.  Our only break was when she went to get more food/drink or went to the bathroom.

View from our seats.

I think we all know how the game ended, so, yes, Andy was perfectly pleased with the outcome.  And I got a cool t-shirt.  Everyone was happy, happy, happy!


I also finally broke down and ordered Christmas cards to send out.  Let me go ahead and preface the card conversation by saying that I almost decided not to do cards this year at all.  It has been such a wild ride this fall, and to be honest, Andy and I would be voted least likely to become "Holiday Cheer-Meisters" this year.  Our only Christmas decor in the apartment?  A holiday scented Yankee candle.  I know, I know.  Lumps of coal for us.  We aren't even getting each other gifts this year--gasp!  

It's just that when you live in a cramped  apartment with your junk everywhere, you just don't want to add to the stuff.  We both decided that if/when we get in a house, we can pull the "I want to buy this for the house--for my Christmas."  Even if it is June.  Color me green and Grinchy, but that deal works for me--and means I have fewer gifts to buy!  We WILL be buying our little guy a few things--already have him a Harry Potter-ish sweater and I'm sure some sorts of toys and bones will make it into his imaginary stocking (have NO clue where the stockings are packed--maybe fill a large sock?).

All of this to say, I didn't even want to pay the money to purchase the Christmas cards, address them, and pay to send them when I knew it was already panning out to be a weird holiday season.  So we ordered the smallest package available and basically sent them to immediate family members.  I apologize in advance if a card did not make it to you--but just know that my own mom barely received one (kidding, Mom!).  We love all of you, but are cheap and lazy.  So consider this your card for the season from the Bozeman clan...

The front full of random shots from this year...

And the back.  I loved the yellows and reds!


On another note, we received some good news last night, and we feel positive that we are moving in a good direction on Project Get-Out-Of-The-Apartment-And-Get-Our-Junk-Out-Of-Storage.  But as we see everyday on the news and in our world, nothing is ever guaranteed.  We shall see!

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