Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving: Part 27

At least it feels like we have moved in 27 different stages.  But I am here to say...IT IS DONE.  For now. :)  We officially cleared out our Nashville home to prepare for closing this week.  I had one major break down along the way, complete with tears, sobs, and "but I loved this house" moments.  However, I put on my big girl panties (as did Andy) and got the job done.  A HUGE thanks to our madres for coming up to help pack along the way.  What would we do without you?  

Here are a few pictures from the crazy moving weekend...

How awful is this picture?  This was an "I need to take a quick picture before we leave" kind of shot.  When I looked at it and saw that it was terrible, I figured I didn't want a better picture of it empty anyway.  A house without my boys and our "pretties" is just a house, right?

Boze locking up the house for the last time.  Duncan is high-tailing it to Grammy's truck to be sure he got to go.  That poor dog has been a nervous wreck all weekend!

A shot of ALL of the ways our junk gets from Nashville to Rome.  A POD for the big stuff, a second Budget truck for other stuff, and 2 cars full of more stuff!

We took one last picture in front of the house.  Christmas card material, for sure.  Not!  Who doesn't look rough after a long day of moving?

So, after loading up, we headed to Rome...where we got to unload all of it.  So fun!  Well, needless to say, our little apartment is busting at the seams now.  I sort of felt like I was going to go crazy, so I started moving things around.  I ended up with this set up in the living room.

You can see the carpet!  This is an improvement, trust me.  What I'm not showing you is all the junk tucked into every nook and cranny everywhere else but the living room.  And I never will!

Well, we are hopefully set to close on our home sale on Thursday.  So, yes, Andy's birthday present will be a settlement statement and some moo-lah!

That's it for now!

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