Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving: Part 27

At least it feels like we have moved in 27 different stages.  But I am here to say...IT IS DONE.  For now. :)  We officially cleared out our Nashville home to prepare for closing this week.  I had one major break down along the way, complete with tears, sobs, and "but I loved this house" moments.  However, I put on my big girl panties (as did Andy) and got the job done.  A HUGE thanks to our madres for coming up to help pack along the way.  What would we do without you?  

Here are a few pictures from the crazy moving weekend...

How awful is this picture?  This was an "I need to take a quick picture before we leave" kind of shot.  When I looked at it and saw that it was terrible, I figured I didn't want a better picture of it empty anyway.  A house without my boys and our "pretties" is just a house, right?

Boze locking up the house for the last time.  Duncan is high-tailing it to Grammy's truck to be sure he got to go.  That poor dog has been a nervous wreck all weekend!

A shot of ALL of the ways our junk gets from Nashville to Rome.  A POD for the big stuff, a second Budget truck for other stuff, and 2 cars full of more stuff!

We took one last picture in front of the house.  Christmas card material, for sure.  Not!  Who doesn't look rough after a long day of moving?

So, after loading up, we headed to Rome...where we got to unload all of it.  So fun!  Well, needless to say, our little apartment is busting at the seams now.  I sort of felt like I was going to go crazy, so I started moving things around.  I ended up with this set up in the living room.

You can see the carpet!  This is an improvement, trust me.  What I'm not showing you is all the junk tucked into every nook and cranny everywhere else but the living room.  And I never will!

Well, we are hopefully set to close on our home sale on Thursday.  So, yes, Andy's birthday present will be a settlement statement and some moo-lah!

That's it for now!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A wild ride...

I've started this post several times, and just haven't found or made the time to clean it up and and get it ready for posting.  Our lives have gotten a little more interesting since the last time I wrote, so here are some updates (along with the world's most random photos)...

Duncan's new Halloween PJs from his Grammy.

For those of you who may not know, I started my new teaching job on Monday, August 20th. I am officially an EIP/EL Kindergarten teacher in the Rome City school district. I was very fortunate to even get a teaching job at that point as schools had been back in session since the first of August. I took over the position for another teacher who received a coaching position at another school. I believe God had a hand in this as I have found that there are hundreds of teachers out there looking for jobs, and somehow I was able to land this position. I wish I could say, "I'm just that good" or "My resume is really stellar," but the truth is, I've been given a blessing. And yes, for those wondering, I remind myself that I am blessed nearly 12 times a day as I adjust to life in Kindergarten. I am being challenged in new ways, exhausted to greater extents, and have wondered a few times thus far if God has a sense of humor.:)  I'm learning as I go and am thankful to be able to use my talents. I have found that I'm not sure who I am without teaching, so I am grateful to be back on the front lines.

Sweet Granny

With the excitement of starting the new job in August came a bittersweet event for our family. Andy's sweet Granny passed away the weekend before I began work after fighting a long fight. She gave it her best, and as Andy's mom said several times, she never complained. Her passing was peaceful, we are told. We made it just hours before to see her, and we are both so glad we did. She was a kind soul who loved her family, friends, and quilting. She made us a gorgeous quilt for our wedding that is one of my most prized possessions. But above all, Granny loved God and was faithful to Him until death. I say her passing was bittersweet because we hold fast to the belief that Granny no longer hurts. Granny is home in Heaven with Grandpa and her sons, waiting patiently for the rest of us to join her. Although she will be sorely missed, we are ever grateful that she has left for a far better place.

Towards the beginning of September (the exact date escapes me), we received our first offer on our home in Nashville.  It was a decent offer to start, and after several rounds of negotiations, we settled on a price that we are very happy with.  It has been very obvious to us throughout the process of working with our buyers that they love our home.  What a blessing!  We have such mixed feelings about selling our sweet home that we barely got to know, but we are very thankful that another couple found it and loved it enough to give us a good price for it.  We are set to close in a couple of weeks, so we are planning to load the remaining large items onto a POD next weekend to get everything cleaned out.  This week just happens to be my Fall Break, so luckily I am able to go up early and get everything ready for the move.  I just pray I can get everything done with minimal tear shedding.  Selling our home is such a blessing, but it also finalizes the move to Rome in a large way.

So, as you would imagine, our thoughts have now moved on to..."Where do we go from here?"  Andy and I have gone to look at a few homes, both rentals and ones for sale.  All we know at this point is that finding a decent rental in Rome might be like finding Andy wearing orange.  Or finding a future husband in an elementary school work environment.  Or finding the Vols playing a solid second half of football.  Or finding Duncan awake on a Saturday.  You get the point.  It just isn't happening.  So, the plan for now is to ride out our 6 month lease at the apartment while looking at homes now and then.  Definitely wait until all is closed with our home sale in TN, money gets back to our pockets, etc.--and then, maybe then, get more serious about buying.

Another reason we are considering buying down here is because...well...we don't hate it here.  I know, shock of the century, there are good places to live other than in Nashville.  But for us, we just weren't sure we'd ever feel the way about Rome that we do about Nashville.  Do we hate being far from family and friends?  Well, yeah!  But, we are slowly but surely finding friends here too.  We are really liking the church we've been visiting here, which helps too.  Andy and I are both hard at work, which also helps to give you a sense of purpose each day (whether good or bad!).  We've also talked about how we want to do this complete life upheaval justice.  Stay long enough to make it all worth it.  You know?  We want to buy into our situation here in Georgia enough to feel "at home."  Does any of this make sense?  In short, we are settling in enough where we think we want to feel more permanent than we're going to rent for a bit and take the first job that gets us out of here.  Instead, we are going to settle in, enjoy our work, try to continue making new friends, and pray that God leads us in the direction we ought to go.  After all, that's how we got here!

As you can see, we've had a big month or two, and we are not quite sure where things are headed.  But what we do know is that God is good, we have each other, and we are looking forward to what our future may hold.  I'm not sure when I'll post next, but thanks for checking in!