Thursday, August 9, 2012


1.  We have cable television.  After 6.5 days without it, missing a TON of Olympics coverage, and way too many DVD viewings, we have rejoined the real world as of today.  

2.  Andy is really loving his job.  He literally hops, skips, and jumps out of bed each morning, ties his little tie, and genuinely seems excited about going to work.  This is doing wonders for both of us to see him enjoying his first days.  It's like we are witnessing the first fruits of our difficult decision to move.

3.  For the first time yesterday, I drove around town and did NOT get lost.  I am starting to figure out the major roadways around here.  Yes, Andy had things figured out days ago. :(

4.  I am having major Target withdrawals.  No, we don't have one.  The closest one is approximately 30 minutes away.  Andy has promised to take me this weekend.  He knows it is time.  Maybe the hand tremors and nervous sweats tipped him off? :)

5.  Things are possibly looking up for me on the job front.  Prayers appreciated!

6.  Duncan and I miss having a couch to sit on.  No, we didn't bring one with us.  Although Duncan was a bit confused at times about the appropriate way to sit on said couch (see picture above), we both miss it all the same.

7.  Six is a weird number to end on when listing items.  Seven seemed like a better number.

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