Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Status...

As I type, I sit in our living room surrounded by bags, boxes, and suitcases, enjoying a mug full of coffee before I force myself to pack another item.  The last few days have been a whirlwind of last-minute errands, car repairs, phone calls, and packing tape.  We have both had more than a few moments of, "Are we crazy?" and "What were we thinking?" along the way.  But truthfully, God has worked his way in and seems to strengthen one of us when the other is weak and doubting.  We have yet to have a mutual breakdown--we consider this a win.  

Andy has been saying his "goodbyes" at work this week, and is currently working his last half day as we speak.  He, too, has come to love his place of work and co-workers, so this type of thing just isn't easy.  

We said our "goodbyes" to our church family on Sunday, as well.  I couldn't even read the sweet card all of our friends had signed while with them--sure I would cry and embarrass myself (and Andy).  These sweet young couples have served as our sounding board, our friends, and fellow Christian brothers and sisters over the last few years--I believe their support helped to strengthen our marriage.  They will not soon be forgotten or replaced.

All of this to say, moving is hard.  I mean, honestly, it is always difficult.  Just the packing, lifting, taping, and labeling is annoying--but this type of move--the few hours away, need to make plans to see you, start completely over kind of move is really tough.  What gets us through?  Well, our mutual belief that we are meant to take this journey helps immensely.  It is a common bond that we share.  A steady mindset that says, "We are going to be okay.  We are making the right decision."  

I am holding fast to a comment Andy made recently when all of the question marks had me freaked out (how long will we be in GA?  should we buy a home there?  will Andy like working in a hospital?  will I find a job that I can be proud of?).  He softly reminded me that we have a 6 month lease at our new apartment.  Thus, we have 6 months to figure things out.  He reassured me that in 6 months we will know SO much more than we do now.  Andy will know better how long we will need to stay in GA.  We will know enough to know if it is wise to buy another home, or if it would be better to just rent long term.  Andy will know whether working in a hospital is what he wants to do for the long haul.    And as for my job, 6 months can allow for things to happen.  I believe in some way that God spoke through Andy that night in saying exactly what I needed to hear.  You have time.  Time to not know everything, but slowly gather your facts.  Just do what needs to be done today, and then wait the rest out.  We will be okay.

Why do I share all of this?  Well, frankly, Andy and I don't like to bother people with all of our many worries, so we find ourselves saying all of the things we think people want to hear when asked about the move.  We seem to only share our fears and concerns with one another, but sometimes I think it helps to let people know the dirty details because they know you are human.  And because they can offer prayers and thoughts on your behalf.  And because it allows them to see that you aren't actually chomping at the bit to leave them in the Tennessee dust and get the hoot out of town!

So, dear friends, the time has come for me to get things done.  Thank you for reading (if you were able to get through this one), and stay tuned for Georgian updates to come.  I hope to be better about posting as we get settled.  

Last but not least, here's to a WONDERFUL first FULL day of school tomorrow to Nashville's finest--the teachers out there.  I cannot tell you how surreal it is to know school has started and I am not a part of it.  You are in my thoughts and prayers--I miss you dearly, Cole friends!

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