Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Weekend...

Andy and I are back from yet another road trip.  We have traveled the last 3 weekends, and I have begged to stay home for a while.  Not that the road trips haven't been for important, worthwhile reasons, it's just...I miss being home!  And don't even ask what we have spent in gas this month--double our usual.  Ouchy.  Anywho, this weekend we helped celebrate with a childhood friend of Andy's as he got hitched.  Andy was a groomsman for what we think may be the 8th time--I always tell him he's the male version of 27 Dresses.  :)

This picture was taken several weeks ago at the man shower that was thrown for Andy's buddy, John.  It is so funny to me when guys get together for "showers."  Notice the table decor?  I literally had to pry the Smokey stuffed animal out of Andy's hand as we were leaving--he was just dying to take it with him (not!).  Andy  loved every moment of catching up with these guys--they are quite a crew, those Huntingdon boys.

This picture was clearly taken at the wedding on Saturday.  It was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony with numerous personal touches.  So glad we were able to be a part of it.  This was one of the last of the boys to get married--time sure marches on, doesn't it?  We wish this sweet couple the best!  Congrats John and Brianne!!! 

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