Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The state of things...

Things are a bit crazy right now with all that is going on, so I thought I'd give you a little taste of it.  Here we go...

A couple of nights after Andy accepted the job in Rome, I took him out for Christie Cookies to celebrate...and he got an ice cream cone.  Oh well, I tried.

Andy tossed his swim trunks at Duncan while we were at the beach and they ended up looking like this.  Hilarious, I tell you.

Several weekends ago we drove around Rome to look at a few rental houses.  This was the first one.  I didn't even want to go in, but Andy made me.  I walked through a giant spider web on the way in the door...the spider must have been friends with the belly-up bugs in the kitchen too.  We won't be staying here.

Although, if you look real close, Subway is just a hop, skip, and jump away.  Too bad.

Tennis is really BIG in Rome.  No, really.  And Andy is really quite good at tennis (insert Andy's eye roll here).  I am not.  He is fearful that I will embarrass him greatly on the courts in the near future, so he has been "coaching" me lately.  How does it look like it's going to you???

So the other night as he was hitting balls to me so that I could practice, I reared back ready to zip one past him...and I just knew I had made contact...but the ball had seemingly disappeared.  It took me a minute, but once I figured it out, we both found it pretty amusing (you do see the ball, right?).  Andy said that was a first for him...leave it to me!

Our happy little tennis evening ended quite abruptly though when Andy suggested I stand back and let him serve the balls across the court to me.  After dodging the first few, I decided I liked both of my eyeballs and I walked off the court to sit down.  Andy, attempting to be funny, hit a ball right at me as I was walking to my seat and nailed me directly in the gut.  Insert "wifely look of death" HERE.  His reasoning for smacking a ball into my belly was that, "He thought I was looking."  My response,"Not only was I NOT looking...I had NO racket in my hand!"  Needless to say, Andy took Duncan's place in the doghouse for a bit, but thankfully I survived the hit.  No, we haven't made it back to the courts yet.


Lastly, of all the comments I have received in response to my saying that I don't have a job lined up yet in Rome, I have a favorite.  I was told today that perhaps I could try being a single mom instead of teaching full time.  The term "stay-at-home mom" came up a little later in the conversation, so I can only assume that is what was meant.  But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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