Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back from the Beach...

Yep, that's right.  Andy and I slipped away for the week with some good friends to relax a bit on the shores of Topsail Island.  

Aaahhh.  What is it about the beach that just takes the stress of selling your home, moving AGAIN, etc. away?  At least for a little bit anyway.

And guess what?  Someone else got to go along.  Guess who?  Yep, the furry one.  He still hates the water, but he loved getting to go along on the trip.

But never fear, while we were gone the house went on the market, professional photographs of our home were taken and uploaded, and we had 3 showings.  Hopefully we are on the right track, but who knows.  Everyone we talk to says, "Oh, your house won't take any time to sell."  But unfortunately, we know it can take a while.  I'm hoping if we sold our last house in 3.5 months or so, maybe this one can sell a bit faster.  But again, who knows.  That's the thing about taking a leap of faith.  Things don't always work out the way you think they should and on your time table.  Sometimes, they work out the way that they need to in the amount of time that they need to.  God continues to show us He is good and has a plan, so we just need to breath, pack our bags, and trust.

Before I go, I'll leave a link to our MLS listing in case anyone knows of someone looking for a home in the greater Lenox Village area.  If nothing else, the pictures are prettier than anything I've taken around here lately!

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