Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Thoughts...

Buckle in, friends.  Random thoughts up ahead...

I feel like I'm working on a computer for the very first time.  You know, way back when before you learn all of the quick tips for navigating the Internet, setting up documents, etc., and then someone comes along and says, "Oh, if you just do this, it will do that."  And you feel like you have just cut seconds, likely minutes, maybe even hours out of your life that would have been spend clicking "File, Save As" or what not.  Except, I don't have anyone handing me those tips and tricks.

   You see, after loads of research, Andy and I settled on an Apple MacBook for me to replace my long line of dead-beat PCs.  I can't be sure (because I don't know any better), but I believe I am doing absolutely everything the long way on here.  The worst part is that my computer-savvy, always-has-the-answers, slightly nerd of a husband has no clue either!  Yowzers.  We are in a world of hurt.  Our PC knowledge is no good here!  So, slowly but surely, I am retraining my PC-wired brain to complete tasks, but if any of you have awesome online tutorials to rave about, PLEASE leave me a comment below.  I'll just keep repeating my mantra:  "I'm not completely technically challenged.  I'm just new to a Mac."  Thanks for listening.


Um, she bought my rug.  Well, technically speaking, she also bought a rug that I purchased.  Potato, pot-ah-to.  I love when things like this happen.  It's like I've been validated in some weird, decorating kind of way.  

Sad, but true.


I'm flying through the books this summer.  Can't. Stop. Reading.  Truth be told, I'm every bit as nerdy as I mentioned Andy was before.  Yes, go ahead and feel sorry for our future offspring--they have little to no shot at being "cool" in school.  Anywho, here are a few of the reads I have really enjoyed lately:

The Murderer's Daughters--A story about a pair of girls learning to survive after their father kills their mother and goes to prison for life.  Liked it a lot.  Found it on the Target must-read list.  Never fails to be a good one when I purchase from that list.

Outside the Lines--I also found this on the Target must-read list.  About a girl who goes searching for her mentally-ill, homeless father after a lot of years of living without contact with him.  Sounds weird, but I loved it.  Flew through it.  Want to read the author's other book.

The Birth Order Book--Not a fictional book.  I found this on the bargain table at Barnes and Noble, and my mom talked me into buying it.  I found it to be SO interesting.  All about how your order in the family affects the way you see the world, interact with others, etc.  I am very much an oldest child...we will leave it at that.

The Lost Daughter--3/4 of the way through this one and I really like it.  About a teenage couple moving on from giving birth to a still-born child in high school (so they think) and trying to live semi-normal lives.  

My mom has also been rocking out  I still have yet to set up my account, but she is finding it to be a great resource for the "what should I read now?" problem.  I'm sure everyone knows about it already, but you go on there, create an account, list books that you have read and loved, and it gives you a list of books that you would likely like as well.  Genius.  I need to get this done.


I think that's all for now.  Thanks for bearing with me (or not).  You may have stopped reading prior to this point.  I do not blame you. :)  Have a good day!

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