Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Back!

So, the pup and I snuck in a trip to my parents while Andy was away for work the last few days.  I spent some quality time with the 'rents and learned what my life could have been like if lived as an only child.  My mom and I hit up a few local stores, we watched an embarrassing amount of television, and all three of us went to see "Brave" at the good ole' Regal 8.  Good thing I had a ring on my finger...otherwise, a nearly-27 year old sitting between her mom and dad in a small town movie theater with a large buttered popcorn in her lap could be mistaken for a chick quickly cruising toward "cat lady" status.

We loved it, in case you were wondering.  SUCH a cute film and a refreshing "princess" movie with a great message for young ladies (if you ask me).  It also didn't hurt that the movie was set in Ireland and there were LOTS of awesome accents in the movie (I grew up a Fitzgerald, so we love a flick including our native homeland).  :)

One of the shopping stops we made was Sir's Fabric.  Although I saw a couple of things I wanted, I only swiped up one of my favorite pieces...

It was a chocolate and white chevron (clearly) by Jonathan Adler, and we found one of the cleanest pieces possible on the table (you have to watch the fabrics with any white in them--they can often be dingy beyond belief).  I am changing things up in the master bedroom currently, so I'm hoping this will work with the new plan.

I have a second Target slipper chair in the master (that you see above), and the color has never worked quite right.  I bought it at a Catalog Returns Outlet, so there wasn't much choice about the color if I wanted a good price.  So, why not recover it, right?

It might be a fun option.  I should have enough left over to also make a pillow or two for the bed (to tie it in).  We'll see how things come together!

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