Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Back!

So, the pup and I snuck in a trip to my parents while Andy was away for work the last few days.  I spent some quality time with the 'rents and learned what my life could have been like if lived as an only child.  My mom and I hit up a few local stores, we watched an embarrassing amount of television, and all three of us went to see "Brave" at the good ole' Regal 8.  Good thing I had a ring on my finger...otherwise, a nearly-27 year old sitting between her mom and dad in a small town movie theater with a large buttered popcorn in her lap could be mistaken for a chick quickly cruising toward "cat lady" status.

We loved it, in case you were wondering.  SUCH a cute film and a refreshing "princess" movie with a great message for young ladies (if you ask me).  It also didn't hurt that the movie was set in Ireland and there were LOTS of awesome accents in the movie (I grew up a Fitzgerald, so we love a flick including our native homeland).  :)

One of the shopping stops we made was Sir's Fabric.  Although I saw a couple of things I wanted, I only swiped up one of my favorite pieces...

It was a chocolate and white chevron (clearly) by Jonathan Adler, and we found one of the cleanest pieces possible on the table (you have to watch the fabrics with any white in them--they can often be dingy beyond belief).  I am changing things up in the master bedroom currently, so I'm hoping this will work with the new plan.

I have a second Target slipper chair in the master (that you see above), and the color has never worked quite right.  I bought it at a Catalog Returns Outlet, so there wasn't much choice about the color if I wanted a good price.  So, why not recover it, right?

It might be a fun option.  I should have enough left over to also make a pillow or two for the bed (to tie it in).  We'll see how things come together!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Behind the times...

Truth be told, I have had an iPhone since last fall, but I just downloaded the Instagram app this past weekend thanks to my sister-in-law.  Yes, I realize I am the very last person to download this, but that's pretty much par for the course for me.  What can I say?

Here are a few photos taken over the last several months that have been tweaked a bit through Instagram...

Little guy before bed...

The Bean in Chicago...


Duncan with his footy pajamas on after bath time...

Wrigley Field...

Let's just say Duncan got sick in his cage...all over his cage.  Andy found my smell-blocking tactics to be funny...

Preds Playoffs...

My all-time favorite Duncan pic.  He was sitting on a bouncy horse and he just couldn't contain his excitement.  Andy and I both have this pic on our phones, and we randomly send it back and forth to each other when we feel the other one needs a laugh.

Just a little taste of our life in pictures.  Too many including our pooch?  Agreed. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Thoughts...

Buckle in, friends.  Random thoughts up ahead...

I feel like I'm working on a computer for the very first time.  You know, way back when before you learn all of the quick tips for navigating the Internet, setting up documents, etc., and then someone comes along and says, "Oh, if you just do this, it will do that."  And you feel like you have just cut seconds, likely minutes, maybe even hours out of your life that would have been spend clicking "File, Save As" or what not.  Except, I don't have anyone handing me those tips and tricks.

   You see, after loads of research, Andy and I settled on an Apple MacBook for me to replace my long line of dead-beat PCs.  I can't be sure (because I don't know any better), but I believe I am doing absolutely everything the long way on here.  The worst part is that my computer-savvy, always-has-the-answers, slightly nerd of a husband has no clue either!  Yowzers.  We are in a world of hurt.  Our PC knowledge is no good here!  So, slowly but surely, I am retraining my PC-wired brain to complete tasks, but if any of you have awesome online tutorials to rave about, PLEASE leave me a comment below.  I'll just keep repeating my mantra:  "I'm not completely technically challenged.  I'm just new to a Mac."  Thanks for listening.


Um, she bought my rug.  Well, technically speaking, she also bought a rug that I purchased.  Potato, pot-ah-to.  I love when things like this happen.  It's like I've been validated in some weird, decorating kind of way.  

Sad, but true.


I'm flying through the books this summer.  Can't. Stop. Reading.  Truth be told, I'm every bit as nerdy as I mentioned Andy was before.  Yes, go ahead and feel sorry for our future offspring--they have little to no shot at being "cool" in school.  Anywho, here are a few of the reads I have really enjoyed lately:

The Murderer's Daughters--A story about a pair of girls learning to survive after their father kills their mother and goes to prison for life.  Liked it a lot.  Found it on the Target must-read list.  Never fails to be a good one when I purchase from that list.

Outside the Lines--I also found this on the Target must-read list.  About a girl who goes searching for her mentally-ill, homeless father after a lot of years of living without contact with him.  Sounds weird, but I loved it.  Flew through it.  Want to read the author's other book.

The Birth Order Book--Not a fictional book.  I found this on the bargain table at Barnes and Noble, and my mom talked me into buying it.  I found it to be SO interesting.  All about how your order in the family affects the way you see the world, interact with others, etc.  I am very much an oldest child...we will leave it at that.

The Lost Daughter--3/4 of the way through this one and I really like it.  About a teenage couple moving on from giving birth to a still-born child in high school (so they think) and trying to live semi-normal lives.  

My mom has also been rocking out  I still have yet to set up my account, but she is finding it to be a great resource for the "what should I read now?" problem.  I'm sure everyone knows about it already, but you go on there, create an account, list books that you have read and loved, and it gives you a list of books that you would likely like as well.  Genius.  I need to get this done.


I think that's all for now.  Thanks for bearing with me (or not).  You may have stopped reading prior to this point.  I do not blame you. :)  Have a good day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road Tripping...

Andy and I got out of town and took a small road trip to Georgia this past weekend.  One of our (my) favorite stops was, of course, IKEA.  The trip was cut short due to a freak allergic skin reaction (on my part) that ended our night in the local walk-in clinic for a Benadryl shot.  I'll spare you the details.  So strange, yet loads of fun (right, Andy?).  Anywho, before we had to leave the store because I was two seconds from ripping my clothing off in public due to itching and stinging, I had spotted these little guys to add to my Expedit bookcase.  

I wanted to add a little bit of a natural feel to the bookcase, so I am hoping that these will do the trick.  They were very reasonable and I really like the look, but fair warning...they smell.  Our car smelled a bit like an old, musty lady of sorts, but we survived.

Aren't road trips a blessing?  It is so nice to get away.  Wish we were able to do it more often!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in Action!!!

So after a bit of research and several discussions, Andy and I brought home a new bundle of joy this afternoon...

No, we didn't get Duncan a brother.  We got a new computer!  I feel like I am back to reality in a big way.  You don't realize how much you need/use your computer until it gives you the "blue screen of death" several times a day and freezes in the middle of typing long emails/documents.  So frustrating!  Anywho, I've already told Andy that I now have no excuse not to blog from now on, so hopefully I'll be a bit more consistent.  More to come!