Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bear with me...

To say that we are having technical difficulties around here would be a LARGE understatement.  I had to turn in my work laptop for the summer, and I am left to choose between 2 other home laptops (neither of which are reliable/work efficiently).  I'm sort of going crazy.  You should see the wacky screen I am looking at right now to blog--the page won't even load correctly to let me see all of my toolbar.  Ridiculous!  Oh, and it won't let me center my text or change the font, so now I'm left with a wonky post--great.  Andy and I are already discussing the need for a better "home computer" for me, but we sort of just made a LARGE purchase recently that is slowing the card swiping for the computer upgrade...

Yep, we got a new ride.  No, we weren't planning on this.  You decide to purchase a new vehicle when you are going approximately 75 MPH on the interstate for a family joy-ride in your older Honda Accord (the car you really want to put the miles on) and your transmission blows...and so you ride for the next 7 miles along the shoulder of that same interstate at a speed of 25 MPH because that's just about as fast as your car can go...and that same transmission will cost you 3200 buckaroos to replace...and you already have a salvage title on the car making it worth no more than maybe $1, get the picture.  We were really left with no choice in the matter.  We knew we were ready for a larger vehicle--we had been driving a sedan and a 2-door coupe for a while now.  We researched a lot of different options in the foreign car realm (we only buy foreign--sorry if that offends anyone), and we narrowed it down to the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander.  I think other than the deal we scored, the driving factor (no pun intended!) in getting the Highlander was that we felt a bit burned (to say the least) by our latest Honda (the one that left us stranded on the interstate).  We have been really pleased with our choice so far, and we are both hoping that it lasts somewhere around...well, forever. :)

In case anyone wonders, the Honda was "put down."   It was slowly driven to a scrap yard and we were written a check for it.  Yep, my flashy little red coupe will be torn limb from limb.  I still tear up when I think too much about it--pathetic, I know.

And, yes, I am getting my exercise in the new car.  This is me parked in the VERY LAST spot at Home Goods the other day.  Trying to put off the first good ding, you might say.

So now you know why I haven't been posting...and you know why I may not post often until I get a computer replacement.  Hopefully we will be able to justify the purchase just a moment before I lose my mind.  Bear with me!

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