Saturday, May 5, 2012

Around here...

Well, between TCAP testing, Andy traveling for work, and various other odds and ends going on over the last week or two, blogging just hasn't been high on the priority list.  But never fear, we have been working on things around here!

First off, my mom and I visited the flea market last Saturday.  One of the reasons being the unframed crab paintings I purchased there the last time were...well...still unframed.  Trying to be thrifty, I left the flea market with those paintings the last time just knowing I could find a steal of a deal on ready-made, open-back framing at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but I was dead wrong.  What they had in the size I needed was typically hideous--and good luck finding a pair.  So, I brought my paintings back to the same vendor to have them framed after the fact.  I ended up choosing a fairly reasonable frame that I really liked.  Lesson learned:  Get flea market paintings framed the first time.

I really liked how the black frames made the darker parts of the painting pop.  The brassy-gold is really weathered-looking and it just seemed to really work with the colors in the painting.

The pair will be stacked over the toilet, but first I have to remove the hideous towel bar.  Why builders?  Why?  Does anyone really want a towel bar hanging that high over the toilet?  I'm sure I will have a lot of fun spackling those holes.

As you can see, one is already hanging, and you can just imagine how the other will hang above it.  I really like the striped curtain paired with these guys!

My mom and I have consulted about paint colors in this bathroom.  I am planning to go two to three steps down from the attached bedroom color (SW Gray Screen) for the walls in here.  I think the deeper blue-gray will work really well with the shower curtain and paintings.  Updates in here to come!


Back to the flea market...

While getting my paintings framed, I spotted a large framed chalkboard for only 45 buckaroos.  I even went as far as to ask about the price because I thought surely they weren't selling one so large for that price.  But they were, and I was smitten. 

Here she is!

I attempted to use Duncan for scale to show how large it really is.  But, in typical Duncan style, he can't stand still for a picture.

Do I love the happy green color on the frame?  No.  But I am very open to changing that myself.  It is set to go in the laundry room very soon.  I figure it will be a good spot to quickly jot reminders down since I go in and out of that door to the garage each day.  I can also leave Duncan a few sight words on the board to practice reading from his cage in there each day.  Let's just say he hasn't yet joined the 220 Club (teacher joke--I apologize).


Last but not least, one more piece of artwork around here got a much needed change.  Not too long ago, I moved some artwork around to account for the newly painted living room wall.  When I made the change, the old framed oil painting that had been over the fireplace went to rest above the black piece in the foyer.  Anywho, this change was really working for the living room, and really NOT working for the foyer.  The "umbrella painting" as I often call it, basically curled up and died on the builder beige wall in the foyer.

What's a girl to do with a large oil painting that she loves that just won't work where she needs it to?  She improvises!  I got to looking at the painting, and noticed there was an awful lot of blue and yellow in it.  Which made me think of the front guest bedroom, which was just begging for artwork on a large scale.  I hired my local handyman (Andy) to tote the painting upstairs to check the size...and it was just right.  Meant to be, I tell you.

See the blues, grays, and yellows working together here???

The scale of the painting was just right.  No dinky-mcdinkster here.

I love how this room is sort of combining old-school, traditional (the painting, vintage bird print fabric) and new, contemporary (lamps, geometric prints).  It has all been trial and error, but it is seeming to come together!

The plan from here is to purchase/build a set of smaller roundish side tables for either side of the bed (no, the mismatched end tables are not my style).  Purchase a white coverlet for the bed.  Adjust the mirror situation above the IKEA dresser and actually hang whatever mirror works best.  And on down the road, we'd like to add crown moulding.  But we have progress, people!

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