Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Time for a Change...

My mom bought me this rug for Christmas a couple of years ago.  And it served me well in the last house.  Not to say that it doesn't serve its rugly purpose in this doesn't match.  There I said it.

As you can see, this rug has great colors.  It was residing in an upstairs bedroom in the last house (hiding some carpet staining that drove me crazy), but has ended up just off the back door in this one (no stains on the carpet=actually use a rug as it is intended).  Things were okay with the rug until I made a rather significant change in the color of the desk that sits just next to it...

Yep, you got it.  The desk went red and the rug stayed maroonish.  You can even ask Andy about the significance of this color difference.  Just try to convince him that anything maroon is crimson.  Some things just aren't made to go together.  So what did I do?  Nothing.  Until now.

You see, I had a coupon to Overstock.  I also had some overtime pay that was just burning a hole in my pocket.  So I started looking...

And I found this little guy.  I was given two size options:  3.5x5.5 or 5x8.

So I proceeded to mark the larger size out on the floor with painter's tape to see how big the bigger size would be.  Answer?  HUGE.  It would have come out in the walkway to the pantry, gone under the desk, etc.  Andy and I both felt it would be way too large.  A perfect size would likely have been a 4x6, but the smaller size was fairly close.

We're excited to see how it looks!

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