Saturday, April 21, 2012


Our last day in the Windy City involved a cemetery and baseball.  Weird combination, huh?  But it was right up our alley...

We started at Graceland Cemetery...just a little jaunt from Wrigley Field.  Some of Chicago's famous architects and "big wigs" are buried here.

This Parthenon-ish mausoleum was built for the Palmer family...we stayed in the Palmer House Hotel.  It all made sense as to why this was so big and impressive!

Celtic cross...pretty.

This one reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.  Tucked into the side of a hill.

Um, you know the Armour company that makes Vienna Sausages?  Yep, this is the family who started it all.

I made Andy take the picture of this creepy statue.  Apparently, if you look into the statue's eyes, you will see the way that you will die.  I'm a chicken, what can I say.

Leaving the cemetery...

And on to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game.

Andy in front of Wrigley Field...his first Cubs game here!

If you look just past me, you can see the field.

These little old men were so cute--playing tunes outside of the field.

I loved how old and quaint the field was.  Really small and intimate.

Go Cubs!  Not really, we are Braves fans.

So that was our final day in Chi-cargo.  Of course, there were meals and shopping deals not mentioned in these posts, but you get the picture all the same.  It was a fun trip, and I can check another city off my to-visit list!

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