Monday, April 16, 2012

Chicago Trip: Day Two

I almost forgot to mention one of the greatest parts about day one on the trip...I had my first deep dish pizza encounter!  It didn't disappoint.

Moving on...

On day two of the trip we got into some shopping...can you guess who's idea this was???

I am Meghan.  I have an addiction to TJ Maxx.  There I said it.

Best Home Goods I've ever been to...ever.  It was new-ish and huge and fabulous.  And Marshalls was just downstairs.  C'mon, Nashville--get on this bandwagon.  Can we consolidate and put all of these together in one area?  Let's stop the charade.  You are all versions of the same store.

  Anywho, Andy is usually a bit more open-minded about shopping on vacation.  I really tried to soak it up.

Along the way we got to see a lot of the downtown area.

  I loved the architecture and the SIZE of the buildings.  So neat.

We also walked to Navy Pier to see what there was to see...

We got a great view of the downtown area...

And these fun mirrors weren't too shabby either.  Look how dumpy we are!

Could I please have one of these for our bedroom?  My legs look fabulous--I'll take it!

I need one of these in my classroom!

Last picture at Navy Pier!  We were fah-reezing. :)

We ended the day with a night on the town...

More to come!

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