Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicago Trip: Day Three

On Friday, we decided to have a museum day.  The Museum of Science and Industry had been highly recommended, so we decided to give it a try...on Good Friday...when LOTS of local kids were out of school.  Just what every teacher of small children wants on a break--to spend time in a museum with hundreds of kids.  But we survived all the same--without Excedrin!

The front of the museum.  Fun Fact:  This is one of the only remaining structures from the 1893 World's Fair.
(Disclaimer:  This fact was deemed "fun" by Andy, and I was specifically asked to include it.  NERD ALERT!!!)

As soon as we came up the escalator, I spotted this place.  Bring back any memories, fellow Lipscomb attendees?  In case you missed the Jazzman's experience (ahem, little brother), it was like the red-headed stepchild version of Starbucks (prior to Lipscomb joining the 21st century and getting a Starbucks).  And no, I didn't order anything.

Andy became the captain of an "old, old wooden ship" while we were there.  I believe it was called "Diversity."  If this means nothing to you...stop what you're doing and go find a copy of Anchorman...STAT.

This reminded me of the old Tin Lizzies ride at Opryland.  Again, some of you may be too young for that reference. :)

The museum has a submarine that the US captured from the Germans in the Atlantic.  They actually built this portion of the museum around it.  Andy, the little history buff that he is, was loving this part.

Kid in a candy shop, I tell you.

There was an agricultural section...thus, the cow.

Boy, did we need a camera tripod or a buddy to take pictures for us.

There was also an AMAZING train set that ran through a model-sized version of Chicago.

So cool!

There was also an incubator of sorts where baby chicks were hatching!!!

We waited and waited...and elbowed small children out of the way...and still didn't manage to see any hatch.  Insert sad face here.

The museum was super fun...but SUPER crowded.  Note to self--go on a weekday other than a holiday weekday.

We also tried a Chicago treat we were told we just had to have...

Garrett's Popcorn!!!

We tried the Chicago mix...cheddar and caramel.  Weird, I know.  But it was actually really good.  A little bit of salty with a little bit of sweet.

It was delicious, and I am wishing at this very moment we had brought some home with us.

One more day of sight-seeing to come!

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