Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost there...

The IKEA bed saga continues...

Remember this thrift store find???

Oh yes.  The "OMG, I only spent 35 dollars on a new bed!" find.

And then after researching a bit online, I found that this same bed would have cost me around 200 buckaroos new.  Only problem?  It came with NO hardware...and was found to be missing a couple of important connector pieces of sorts.  Yes, Andy has already discussed with me that a deal does not always make a smart purchase.

Well, we trucked along with the idea of making the bed work, and even went as far as to reupholster it several weeks ago...assuming putting the bed together wouldn't be all that bad.  We were very wrong.

Andy worked ALL day on Saturday to "rig" this bed (for lack of a better term), since we had none of the original IKEA hardware to work with.  I helped here and there, but Andy was truly the mastermind.  He has this weird way of looking at something and somehow figuring out how to make it work.  I will spare you the ins and outs of what he was actually able to do to make the bed stand, if you don't mind.  What would I do without him?

I still need to stain the legs, and I need to touch up a couple of places with the staple gun, but it at least appears to look like a bed now.  And I have the Mister to thank for that.  Now I am actually attempting to move forward with decorating this room!  I've just thrown the above bedding and pillows on the bed for now, but I'd like to spice it up with some new pillows or something.  I actually had purchased a coverlet from Target that has already been returned because it wasn't quite right.  We'll see what strikes my fancy next!

The things I know for sure:
1.  The bed will be centered-ish on the wall as you see it.
2.  The new paneled nightstands Andy is making will flank either side of the bed.
3.  I want to go with a soft gray on the walls.
4.  We will need some sort of dresser for the wall across from the bed (Craigslist?).
5.  I need to make a seat cushion for the window (the reason I LOVE this room!).

Hopefully I will have something to report soon!


Before I go, a small shout-out (he wouldn't want a shout-out at all--trust me--I may pay for this) to Andy for being promoted a week or so ago.  We had to keep it under wraps until it was formally announced in his department, but needless to say, we were thrilled.  Andy is not the type to EVER toot his own horn (well, figuratively speaking, anyway), which I absolutely love about him.  But that's where I come in.  He works his tail off, he's honest, he does a good job--and it has paid off.  God continues to bless Andy in the workplace and we are thankful for it.  I'm proud of you, Boze!

We celebrated with a night out at Olive Garden.  He got a wee-little dessert to commemorate the day.  So exciting!

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