Saturday, March 31, 2012


Andy and I tackled the rest of the landscaping work first thing this morning...

We stuck with the pine straw (and added more to it) because it is SO low maintenance and it's cheap.  Hopefully the combination of the weed blocker and the newly added straw will keep those pesky weeds away this summer!

We also added the weed blocker around our two trees in the front yard and topped it with new pine straw.

What did Duncan do?  He supervised the project.  He's not one to get his paws dirty.

All finished!!!

Next, I tackled what I assumed to be a tedious, difficult job...and it didn't prove me wrong.

In less than a year, we have started to see rust on our porch railing.  Boo to the hoo.  This is not good, friends.  Not good at all.  So like the weed blocker fabric, it was time to bite the bullet and prevent things from getting any worse.

I started by wiping down the railing really well.  We had a lot of pollen and spider webs that might have interfered with the paint.  After that, I started the ridiculously long process of priming the railing.  Yes, just me and my lil' foam brush.

A guy at Lowe's suggested using the "Rusty Metal Primer" by Rustoleum, especially on the rusted parts.  However, I didn't like the looks of the majority of the railing (it looked as if very little of the railing had gotten enough of a paint finish from the beginning), and I wanted to ensure that I would NOT have to do this again really soon.  So I chose to prime EVERY BIT of the railing. 

I ended up with this lovely color.  Neighbors kept driving slowly by as I primed (likely thinking the color looked terrible)--do they know me at all?  However, this was only the beginning...

After the primer dried, I went back with Rustoleum's satin black oil-based paint (intended for metal).  It took two thick coats to completely cover the primer.  Don't even get me started on that. 

It was by far the most tedious paint job I have ever completed.  Oil paint is so sticky and stinky to begin with, and then you are hot and sweaty outside, and it takes two coats, and you can't easily get your hands through the railing to paint without smudging the previous baluster, and...I could go on and on.

Well, it ended up turning out really well.  The only problem?  I only finished the right railing.  Yep two or so hours later and I finished PART of the job.  It was looking like rain, and my foam brushes needed replacing, and I was spent.  I just couldn't continue. 

I liken this experience to getting my ears pierced (at the ripe old age of 13).  Yes, I was ridiculously scared of the piercing gun.  There was only one girl working in Claire's that night, so she had to do one ear first.  Then do the second ear after that.  After nearly jumping out of the seat on the first ear, I so dreaded the second ear.  But, if I had not pressed on, I would have never been able to wear a pair of cute earrings...not to mention, I would have looked like a pirate.  The moral of this story is...I must keep going!  But not today.

Here's to hoping for loads of motivation to fall on me in the coming days.  Happy Saturday!

PS--When I finish, I'll post pictures of the exact primer/paint combo I went with in case anyone else is looking to do the same project.  And no, I don't believe I'll be available to help if you are! :)

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