Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flashback to February...

First off, thanks so much for the sweet texts, emails, and words of encouragement in the past couple of days.  I appreciate the support so much, and I owe all of you a virtual fist pump and hug for the motivation to keep chugging along on this blog.  Bear with me as I take you back approximately a month ago to an event that was photographed, but not blogged about.  Valentine's Day...

I was truly getting in the spirit this year, as I ended up with double pink eye on the Hallmark holiday of love.  I stayed home from work that day--considering my eyesight was iffy at best and I was highly contagious at that point.  Thankfully, Andy gave me one present early that benefitted me greatly on my unexpected day off...the latest Twilight movie!  Poor guy had to stand in line at Wal-Mart to get me that DVD--shot to the manhood, that was. 

The night before the big day, I made these suckers for my students.  And yes, they got them the day after Valentine's...

The boys were given mustaches...

And the girls got lips...

All in all, a very cheap option for Valentine's cards for 21, and they thought they were hilarious.  It kept them quiet for a bit too!

The morning of Valentine's, I squinted open my crusty eyes and still made the cinnamon roll hearts I had planned to.  In case you were wondering, these looked nothing like hearts when I baked them.  It's the thought that counts, right?

As far as gifts go, I made Andy 14 paper fortune cookies with fortunes that fit for him. 
Such as: 

your next vacation may be breezyin the city (we are planning a trip to Chicago)
wanting another national championship? saban’s recruits bring good things(if you know Andy, this makes sense)
mexican food sparks romanceeat it oftenand soon (um, I love eating out)

He thought these were really fun.  After all, he LOVES fortune cookies.

He's also gotten in to puzzles lately, so I got him a football shaped Alabama puzzle (that he has yet to finish). 

Andy missed the memo on the amount of money that was appropriate to spend on the other, so one of my handful of gifts was a new Crockpot.  He took considerable flack for this at church the next night, but I really had been saying I needed one with a timer (yes, I'm the bimbo who registered for one without a timer for our wedding).  So, needless to say, I was stoked that he had listened and got me what I wanted/needed.

I picked Duncan up a stuffed pig while getting my prescriptions that day at Walgreens.  The pig had a flattened, empty water bottle in it, and well, he loved it.

Shortly after giving it to him we realized that he could care less about us.

It was like puppy-crack.  He just had to get to that water bottle!

Yep, he was done for.

So overall, it was a good day (other than they eye funk).


In other news, around this same time, I decided that this wall in the living room just had to go dark.

Yep, this whole wall.

So, last weekend I broke out the same paint that we used in the dining room and went to town.  I'm really loving the results, but I have a few touch-ups to finish before it's ready for its debut.  Updates to come!

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