Sunday, March 25, 2012

And the bird prints are up...

Just a quick post to show the old, but new-to-us bird prints in their new home in the dining room. 

It's amazing what adding a little bit of framed art can do to a room.  I felt pretty good about the dining room as it was, and I wasn't really looking for anything art-wise anytime soon.  But when you find artwork that works, you start to realize what you were missing all along.  Kind of like when we switched Duncan's food from Kibbles n' Bits to Purina.  Changed his life, I tell you.

More to come!


  1. Love your new prints and the color of the room too!! I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop on by for a visit!!

  2. Thanks so much, Claire! I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Very pretty! I've done a botanical wall in one room and would love to do birds in my dining room. Were these from a book? Loving the mirror, lamps, and drum pendant too! Visiting from TDC.

  4. Hey Jennifer--

    I actually snagged these from my grandmother. She was cleaning out her closets and found them--they were prints she had purchased years ago. It was a very lucky find! I believe I have seen ones simliar to these in books before, though. Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts and thanks for stopping by!