Tuesday, January 3, 2012


When you introduce a new piece of furniture in the house, it sort of forces your hand in rearranging some things.

Yes, I staged the new foyer piece in about 30 seconds by shopping my closet.  How did you know?

If you remember, this wee little guy was first in the living room holding the TV, then it was moved to the foyer when the built-in was installed, and now???

It's been moved to the very poorly staged game room.

This picture makes me giggle.  I feel like the red piece is quietly humming, "All by myself..."  It's far too dink-mcdinkster for this space, but this room is just about last on the priority list around here, so it will stay.  Hold your own, little red chest!!!

Well, we also packed up all of the Christmas crap pretties (which included the Christmas tree that sat in this very spot) this past weekend.  This sparked another move of furniture involving the leaning bookshelf from my crafty room.

It's a feeble attempt to hide the hideous vent and thermostat, but no can do.  That vent is all but screaming, "Look at me!", and frankly that just won't do.  The vent is going to have to be painted, of course, because hiding it has been unsuccessful.  Another fun painting project for me to do on another day.  Wah-wah.

But in better news, now that this piece has been moved, I can finally have my way and move the IKEA bookcase to my crafty room where I secretly wanted it all along.  It's time!

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