Monday, January 2, 2012

A new addition to the family...

And we welcome "The Black Piece" to the Bozeman home. 

Why do we call it that?  Because I don't want to call it a dresser (which it really is) because it is not located in a bedroom.  Am I ridiculous?  Yes, likely.

It serves as our new foyer piece!
(Note that after taking these first few photos, I called Andy in and we shifted the piece closer to the front door.  It needed to be more centered on the wall--as much as the floor vent would allow.)

I had been looking all over creation for a console table for this spot.  I thought that the narrow design would really work best in an entryway.  However, I just couldn't find one that was long enough, the right style, etc.

And as you can see, "The Black Piece" isn't actually much deeper than most of the console tables I had looked into.  It sits at about 20 inches deep.  Another big seller for this type of piece (rather than a console table) was that my cords from lamps wouldn't show at all.  The storage that this piece offers also helped sway me.

I loved the waxy black finish and the rustic handles.

It's also pretty roughed up, which always adds character. 

The black finish really helps to accent the front door, and it helps to tie in with the black chairs in the dining room.

It's beefy enough to hold its own in the high-ceiling-ed foyer, and it should also provide an awesome amount of storage for us.  Place mats, table runners, serving pieces and more can be stored here to be easily accessed for dining room use.

Now I just have to find a sizable pair of lamps for this piece, decide on artwork that will give the piece height (the current art is likely only temporary), and arrange other "pretties" on it to dress it up.

Although most of my Christmas moo-lah went in to this piece, I LOVE the impact it is making in the foyer!

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