Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bama Room Fabric...

After pinning this gorgeous little nook on Pinterest, I have been feverishly searching for this red and white fabric. 

 I thought it might add a little interest to the Bama Room, all while working with the obvious crimson theme we have working in there.

My search has led me to this Premier Prints suzani fabric:

One is the "lipstick and natural" coloring and the other is "lipstick and white." 

I can't decide if I think I would still get the same look with one of these fabrics or not.  I probably need to see it in person to decide.

The other option that I have considered for a while is this ikat.  However, I clearly waited this one out too long because it is no where to be found. 

Any thoughts on the suzani option would be much appreciated!

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