Saturday, January 7, 2012

All About Andy...

Yep, this post is all about my main man.  This doesn't happen often on the blog, but we have several things to share...

We finally got Andy's vintage football prints framed!

I even got my little team featured in the Alabama room.

The green in this print works really well with the ceramic garden stool.  Like they were made for each other.

I think I've shown this before, but we have this Bear Bryant painting up above the hounds tooth chair.

And we are considering hanging this black and white photo (again of Bear) here--grouped with the lamp.  I got this for Andy for his birthday (the first birthday in which we were dating). 

So, things are slowly but surely coming together in the Alabama Room.  We still need curtains--I'm thinking something really fun and red.  Andy seems to be on board, as well.  Other than that, we need to frame one more print (of the stadium) and add a few accessories.  Almost done!

While in the bonus room, here's a little bit of what's been going on lately.  My mom got Andy a football puzzle for Christmas, and you would have thought that 7 year old Andy magically showed up in 2012.  I literally have to pry him away from the puzzle to get him to do anything else.  He loves it!

However, Andy wouldn't be nearly as successful with his "puzzling" if not for this furry friend.  Moral support goes a long way.

That's right, not only is he an accountant, friends.  He puts together puzzles on the side!  Back off ladies, he's mine.

In other fairly nerdy news, Andy passed the CFE exam recently!  I have joked with him quite often about how nerdy this certification sounds.  "Hello, my name is Andy Bozeman.  I'm here to examine some fraud."  HA!

And, the more appropriate way to take a picture with this certificate. :)  Gotta love a guy that's willing to take a photo like this when you ask (all the while knowing it will end up on the web).

In all seriousness, I'm glad we are finally giving Andy the Bama Room he's always wanted, and I am very proud that he has 3 more letters after his name.  He may be a smarty-pants, puzzle-completing, football-loving nerd, but I'll keep him.  And I think we all know Duncan will...

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