Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Happenings...

Just a couple of items from the month of December that I haven't blogged about...

First, Andy and I were able to go to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.  Shout-out to Andy's dad--thanks for the tickets!  I, of course, was psyched to go because the game was only an hour or so away--thanks to living in Rome.  And the SEC game in the last few years has gotten to be a much bigger deal--the winner was expected to go to the National Championship, as you know.  So, needless to say, these games are pretty exciting.  We got there early, went to the SEC par-tay, and ate lots of uber-healthy food. :)

Cool tickets, right?

The obligatory game picture.  I only wish you could see the ridiculously annoying lady behind us.  The ENTIRE game she yelled, "GO BAMA!  DEEE-FENSE!  OOO-FENSE!" in the most raspy, give-you-an-immediate-migraine sort of way.  Our only break was when she went to get more food/drink or went to the bathroom.

View from our seats.

I think we all know how the game ended, so, yes, Andy was perfectly pleased with the outcome.  And I got a cool t-shirt.  Everyone was happy, happy, happy!


I also finally broke down and ordered Christmas cards to send out.  Let me go ahead and preface the card conversation by saying that I almost decided not to do cards this year at all.  It has been such a wild ride this fall, and to be honest, Andy and I would be voted least likely to become "Holiday Cheer-Meisters" this year.  Our only Christmas decor in the apartment?  A holiday scented Yankee candle.  I know, I know.  Lumps of coal for us.  We aren't even getting each other gifts this year--gasp!  

It's just that when you live in a cramped  apartment with your junk everywhere, you just don't want to add to the stuff.  We both decided that if/when we get in a house, we can pull the "I want to buy this for the house--for my Christmas."  Even if it is June.  Color me green and Grinchy, but that deal works for me--and means I have fewer gifts to buy!  We WILL be buying our little guy a few things--already have him a Harry Potter-ish sweater and I'm sure some sorts of toys and bones will make it into his imaginary stocking (have NO clue where the stockings are packed--maybe fill a large sock?).

All of this to say, I didn't even want to pay the money to purchase the Christmas cards, address them, and pay to send them when I knew it was already panning out to be a weird holiday season.  So we ordered the smallest package available and basically sent them to immediate family members.  I apologize in advance if a card did not make it to you--but just know that my own mom barely received one (kidding, Mom!).  We love all of you, but are cheap and lazy.  So consider this your card for the season from the Bozeman clan...

The front full of random shots from this year...

And the back.  I loved the yellows and reds!


On another note, we received some good news last night, and we feel positive that we are moving in a good direction on Project Get-Out-Of-The-Apartment-And-Get-Our-Junk-Out-Of-Storage.  But as we see everyday on the news and in our world, nothing is ever guaranteed.  We shall see!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Patio Furniture...

Over the Thanksgiving Break, I stopped in a Catalog Returns Outlet store.  They bring in items that have been returned to stores whether purchased through a catalog or online.  The items at times can be damaged, but not always.  I'm sure we've all purchased something on the internet at one time or another that didn't exactly fit our fancy and we returned it.  Thus, the Catalog Returns Outlet.  

I always try to get in there when I am visiting my parents because I occasionally can find really amazing deals.  The last time I stopped in, they were running a Black Friday special.  So all items that were already discounted had an additional 30% off.  While perusing, I found a patio set that I just fell in love with.  I had looked at several of their patio sets before, but had never seen them as discounted as they were on this particular day.  So even though Andy and I are living in an apartment, and even though we are not in a house yet, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

Here is the set...
 And here is one of the chairs (minus the bottom cushion) in our overly crowded living room...

I like the durability of the plastic wicker, and I think the lighter cushions won't show sun fading as badly.  Hopefully we will have a patio soon for this set to call home.  Fingers crossed!

***If you have a moment, say a quick prayer for Andy's sweet granddad who is in the hospital at this time.  We are hoping he is better soon.  It's no fun to be sick at the holidays!***

Monday, December 17, 2012


I feel heavy today.  Since Friday's events unraveled, thoughts have flooded my mind about school safety, "what would I do?", how small my kindergartners really are, the bravery shown by educators, the evil that exists in our sinful world, the terror parents must have faced waiting to find whether their children were safe, the faith that parents put in our schools to safely house their most precious possessions, the choice made to target the youngest--the babies--in a K-4 school, and so much more.  My mind cannot process it all.  

My thoughts, of course, have also wandered to my personal action plan in my classroom.  Being a kindergarten teacher, my classroom lies very close to the front office and front doors.  What would I do?  How quickly could I react to an emergency?  How long would it take me to switch my thinking from teaching phonics to saving my students' lives?  How would I keep my little ones calm?  Should we hide?  Should we run?  The only answer I know for sure is this:  Would I risk my life for my students?  Without a moment's hesitation...Yes.  Why?  Because they are so, so small.  Their entire lives (minus five years) lie ahead of them.  They are the future--they are the good.  Save the children.

As any teacher knows, each year the students in your classroom become "yours" in many ways.  Your name rests next to theirs on rosters, field trip forms, class photographs, etc.  As teachers, we spend more time with these children during their waking hours than their parents do.  We learn their quirks, their favorite things, their favorite books, their dreams, their hopes, and so much more.  And above all, especially this year (teaching kindergarten), I have learned how truly innocent and helpless these same students really are.  They are completely entrusted to my care for the hours of the school day.  It is my duty, my job, to keep these small people protected--to ensure that they are safely returned to their parents each afternoon.

Did I completely understand this when I signed up for my first education courses in college?  No.  Did I really realize this when I took my first teaching position?  No.  I don't know that I fully comprehended this task until this past Friday.  I pray that this new found knowledge makes me see my students differently.  Perhaps I will be more patient, more loving, more forgiving in my classroom.  Simply because I know.  I know in a very different way than before.  I would risk my life to protect them.

I thank God for the teachers and administrators that showed so much bravery at Sandy Hook.  I pray God's peace and comfort rests soundly on the families who lost loved ones, and may He hold them in His embrace.  The words of a song entitled "Held" by Natalie Grant have given me great comfort these past few days when grappling with the "why?" questions.  I'll end with the lyrics...

Two months is too little, they let him go
They had no sudden healing
To think that providence
Would take a child from his mother
While she prays, is appalling

Who told us we’d be rescued

What has changed and
Why should we be saved from nightmares
We’re asking why this happens to us

Who have died to live, it’s unfair

This is what it means to be held
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive

This is what it is to be loved and to know

That the promise was that when everything fell
We’d be held

This hand is bitterness

We want to taste it and
Let the hatred numb our sorrows
The wise hand opens slowly
To lilies of the valley and tomorrow

This is what it means to be held

How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive

This is what it is to be loved and to know

That the promise was that when everything fell
We’d be held

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Thirtieth and Third...

Let's start the updating with Andy's 30th birthday...

Although I had planned for some time to throw Andy a big surprise party or something equally fun to celebrate his 30th year--we sort of moved states and both started new jobs along the way.  Throwing a surprise party in another state and somehow getting Andy there for it without him knowing, as well as picking a weekend he would not be working, just didn't seem feasible.  So on to Plan B.  I decided to still attempt to include family and friends in surprising him...just in a different way.  I asked everyone to send me a special thought, memory, or general well-wishing to add to a 30th Birthday Book I was creating online.  I also asked for pictures so that I could add those in along the way.  Well, the friends and family came through in a big way and the birthday book was a huge success.  Although Andy's birthday was right smack in the middle of Duncan's surgery fiasco, I think he really enjoyed looking through the book.  It was a great reminder that though we have moved away from many of our family and friends, Andy is very loved and highly though of.  It was actually pretty neat putting the book together and seeing the sweet stories and kind thoughts regarding the Hubs.  As if I didn't already know he was a pretty sweet catch, it only helped to validate it. :)

The Birthday Book


Along with Andy's 30th birthday celebration, we celebrated something else around here...  our 3rd wedding anniversary!  

A shot from our hike...nice hand in the way, huh?

With all of the craziness this year, we decided to get away to the mountains with our recently healed pup.  

The new sock monkey sweater that made the trip with us...

We ventured to the Blue Ridge mountains as I had found an adorable, newer cabin just a few miles from town.  

The view from our room...

We had such a great time.  We realized just how much we really needed the trip once we got there.  We read, we shopped in the little town of Blue Ridge (adorable), and we went on a short hike.  I, of course, had caught some sort of cold at school, so trying one of Andy's famous "oh, it's just 4 miles one way" hikes didn't seem like a good idea.  

Our cabin...

We had our official anniversary dinner at a restaurant called "Harvest on  Main" and it was delicious.  We could not have asked for more relaxation, better views, or better weather.  

Duncan thought the leather coffee table was a landing pad for him.  He stayed here with "Blurble the Turtle" most of the weekend.

And having our baby pup there with us wasn't so bad either.


Last but not least, I wanted to reference a post from somewhere around a year ago.  I wrote it looking back over our second year of marriage.  I was looking through my blog archives for a picture recently and found it.  A couple of lines have haunted me a bit ever since... 

What will our third year hold?  Well, we aren't really sure.  But we will say there are NO plans to move any time soon.  Duncan said he's through with relocating, and what he says goes.

Wow.  When I read it, I almost laughed out loud.  How sure we were approximately one year ago that we had everything figured out and we were staying put.  

I remember that feeling of finally being settled, loving our home, looking forward to the holidays, and just knowing...knowing...that we were going to be there for a long time.  And yet here I sit in another state blogging from an apartment while Andy finishes up some things at the hospital.  Do you know who else was likely amused approximately one year ago as I confidently typed those words?  More than likely our God was... 

Many are the plans in a person’s heart,  but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

My purpose is not to get preachy, my friends.  But to share what I have been taught in a large way in our third year of marriage.  Andy and I are planners by nature...both oldest children attempting to have everything figured out.  There is nothing inherently wrong with planning things out, but I think we now realize that things can change.  After all, life doesn't come with crystal balls, does it?  I am so thankful that our hearts and minds were opened to moving and changing the plans that we had for our lives.  

We have been blessed by the changes (though it's not always been easy) in many ways, and I thank God that He knows far better than we do where our path needs to go.  In short, plan...but be open to new opportunities.  

That being said, we have recently decided to try our hand at a new opportunity...home ownership in Rome!  We are very early on in the process, so no details to be shared at this point.  We are excited about the prospect of spreading out in a home again, having all of our junk together in one place, and having a place for friends and family to come and visit.  Details to come as Andy and I are ready to share them.  As many of you know, lots of things have to come together when buying a home...wish us luck!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I Said I Wouldn't Do...

After going to the UT/Alabama game together while dating, I decided it wasn't good for our relationship for us to go to that game together anymore.  One of us leaves unhappy (yes, as of late, that would definitely be me), and when anything positive happens during the of us is hooting and hollering while the other wants to butt punch the one who is celebrating.  It's a house divided, my friends.  What can I say?

But a certain someone had a 30th birthday back in October.  And that certain someone was given two tickets for the UT/Bama game by his dad (which he was stoked about).  And after thinking it over, I sort of felt like what better gift to give Andy?  A date night out to witness a win against a team he can't stand?  Priceless.  So I did what I said I wouldn't do.  

Before the smack happy we look.

View from our seats...

Power T

The cattle coming in for the slaughter...Needless to say, Andy loved the game!

After the game, we drove into Pigeon Forge to visit with Andy's family.

Only in the Smokies do you see something this classy...

Not sure why I felt the need to do a muscle pose when I put the coonskin cap just happened.  Do you happen to know where the weight room is? (Tommy Boy reference)

This made me laugh.  It's like Andy is the adoptive, somewhat awkward member of this little bear family.  One of these things is not like the other.  One of these things just doesn't belong.

All in all, we had a good, but busy weekend celebrating Andy's day of birth.  I also made him a little something special for his big day that I'll try to share soon.

I promised this post would be less dog related, but I just had to show this video.  For those that are wondering, Duncan is almost 100%!  He smoked me going up and down the stairs to the bathroom just this afternoon and stood at the top like..."C'mon, Mom.  You're so slow!"  I'll take that over carrying his pain-ridden little body up and down the stairs any day!

This video was taken before his surgery.  We had these momma-johamma moths around our apartment that Duncan found fascinating.  He was intrigued and terrified all at the same time...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Rolling (Bladder) Stones...

***Disclaimer:  Too much information to follow about our dog's bladder and urine.  Reader beware.***

I've been saving this post until I was almost certain that our little guy was going to be okay.    I say almost certain because we have had several complications post-cystotomy surgery (bladder surgery) for our pup.  It has been a very long couple of weeks...full of stress, emotion, meds, pain, antibiotic ointment, and a cone.  Here is the story of our beloved dog and his awful, no good, very bad bladder stones...

It all started the week that I went up to Nashville to prepare for the move.  I noticed Duncan slept a lot (I'm usually at work all day and have no clue what his daily patterns are at home), and he seemed to shiver quite often.  I figured he was just cold (the temp had dropped that week), and went on about my business.  However after arriving back in Rome and getting all of our things moved into the apartment, Duncan's behavior got really strange.  First off, he peed all over the top cushion on our houndstooth chair.  That was really out of character (and fun to clean up!), but I figured he was just annoyed with us for having so much stuff in the apartment and maybe he was just stressed.  However within the next week, he also peed in the floor and even on our bed (the same bed that he sleeps on with us).  That seemed really unusual to me.  Although I was frustrated with him, I starting really thinking about other behaviors I had noticed.  Some days he was a bit slower in running up the stairs at the apartment, and he was drinking more water than usual.  It was time to take our furry friend to the vet.

I found an animal hospital down here with good ratings, and we went in on a Friday afternoon to see what was going on.  The vet listened to my concerns and ran blood and urine work to start.

I started tearing up while they took him for the blood work, not only from hearing him cry, but realizing something really could be wrong with our little guy.  Here he is back in the room with me waiting for that mean old vet to get back.

Long story short (and $300 later), the vet decided that he was 80% sure Duncan had developed bladder stones.  The vet was very upfront about the situation we found ourselves in.  Although bladder stones can be common in small breeds, the surgery is VERY invasive, expensive, and the recovery would be somewhere around 2 weeks.  I did well with the news, saving my tears for the parking lot, but I was devastated.  The vet went on and on about potential complications, the level of pain involved (they split the badder down the middle!), etc.  However, he also explained that Duncan had likely been in a  lot of pain all along.  You see, bladder stones develop after a severe bladder infection.  Oops.  We had missed the signs.  The amount of guilt I felt was pretty overwhelming.  Our beloved pup had been suffering and we hadn't seen it.  Ouch.  We rescheduled a second ultrasound for the very next Monday to hopefully get 100% conclusive results.

Monday's ultrasound confirmed what I had already convinced myself to be true...our furry friend would need immediate surgery.  We scheduled for Thursday and prepared to hunker down with him that weekend to take constant care of him.

We spent the next few days loving on our little guy and wondering if we were making the right decision.  You see, there was a tiny chance that the stones (if a certain type) could dissolve with medication.  It's risky to wait it out to see if they will dissolve, so we chose the surgery option.  We wanted him better...sooner rather than later.  But it was really hard preparing our minds for putting him through this when he seemed basically normal at home. 

 Thursday came and Andy dropped the pooch off for surgery (I knew I'd be too emotional to leave him).  We were told the vet would call us as soon as the procedure was finished.  Well, I finished the school day with no phone call.  Worried that I hadn't heard anything, I called on my way to a training.  Bad decision.  The vet tells me the reason he hasn't called is because the surgery did not go well at all.  The bladder walls were thick with infection, and the stones were jagged and rough--thus doing a number on the bladder (however, this was also good news, because with the jagged look of the stones, that told us they were the kind that would not have dissolved with meds--we made a good decision to do the surgery--one positive).  They could not get the bleeding controlled very easily.  After closing him back up, they discovered he was peeing straight blood.  Thus meaning, there was significant internal bleeding.  All of this to say, the vet had not called because they were pretty positive they needed to open him up again.  About two minutes before I called, the bleeding had slowed to a drip, so the vet felt good that things were looking better.  Duncan was not waking up very well either, likely due to the anesthesia and loss of blood.  Tears were streaming as I tried to stay composed during the call.  The vet felt sure he would need extra monitoring, meaning he likely wouldn't come home Friday after all.  That was the last blow for this mom.  I got off of the phone and called Andy blubbering uncontrollably.  I somehow got it together in time for my training, but the rest of the evening was rough.  There is nothing like coming home and hearing the "ghost" of your dog (pet owners know what I mean).  I kept thinking I heard him coming up behind me...a lonely reminder that he was sick and hurting in a crate without us.

On Friday the vet called to say that things looked significantly better and he would send him home Friday after all.  I was ecstatic, but nervous all the same.  When it's a dog, how do you know when they are hurting, having complications, etc.??  But we were so glad to have him home, nothing else mattered.  The rest of the weekend was a blur with carrying him back and forth outside to use the bathroom, getting him used to his new prescription food, shoving pills down his throat around the clock, and watching his every pee to see how much blood was still coming out.  Andy and I were a team, both waking up in the night with him to get more pain meds or take him outside.  He was very uncomfortable, whining and shivering toward the end of his pain pills, and he just wasn't himself at all.  When you walked in the room, he wouldn't lift his head (the cone he was wearing didn't help), he couldn't move without help, and his hind legs seemed to bear the weight of his pain (they could barely hold him up).  We tag-teamed church on Sunday so that one of us could be home with him, and we dreaded heading back to work on Monday (worried sick that something would happen during all of those hours away from him).  But, we did what had to be done.  Andy would come home during his lunch break, and I would rush home after school to check on him.

We felt decent about his recovery until Tuesday of this week.  I came home to blood splattered all over our bedding where he had been laying all day.  A frightening sight to say the least.  I immediately pulled him up to look at his incision, and blood began flowing down his belly.  I called the vet and they said to rush him up there as fast as I could.  I threw him in the car, panicked and worried that he had internal bleeding of some sort.  They got me right in, and after checking him out, they decided his incision was not healing well.  He had developed an infection that required an antibiotic ointment.  I left the office feeling less than confident that it would be a quick fix (which it wasn't--still bleeding a bit!), but felt better that he didn't require further surgery.  

So, we somewhat had dodged a bullet...until the next day.  Yep, Wednesday I came home from work and immediately took him to potty.  He strained and squatted ten to twelve times, but he could not produce urine.  I'm no vet, but I knew that this was not good.  After trying multiple times, I took him back in to eat, and then we went back outside to try the bathroom.  No luck.  Really worried by this point, I bring him in and call Andy.  As I hang up, Duncan squats and uses the bathroom all over the floor.  Awesome!  It was like something had burst loose in his system.  Shortly after I clean that up, he goes AGAIN not far from the first spot.  So, I felt better that he was able to actually go (I was really fearing a blockage after searching WebMD for animals--yes, there is such a thing), but really concerned that he was going in house right in front of me.  I started worrying about incontinence (that is a risk with this surgery), a bladder leakage (which would require further surgery), etc.  By this point, I just sat down and had another good cry.  We were nearly a week from surgery and he wasn't better.  We even chose to cancel weekend plans with friends from Nashville after he had another accident the very next morning.  Something about a bloody, pee-stained apartment seemed less than inviting for friends.  After a call to the vet, it was decided he may have developed a UTI and was experiencing bladder spasms as a result.  How do you develop an infection on antibiotics, friends?  So frustrating!

Andy picked up the meds Thursday afternoon, and we are finally starting to turn a corner.  I won't say Duncan is 100% yet, but he seems to have a bit more energy.  And so far today, no tee-tee in the house.  His incision is still an issue, but we are hoping the ointment is going to fix that any day now (ideally).

I fully realize you just gained WAY too much information about our dog and all that has gone on with the treatment of his bladder stones, but nonetheless, it has been our life for the last week or so.  You really realize how much you love something when you go through a situation like this.  I thought over and over about how I would have taken his place--it was awful to see him in so much pain.  We are ever grateful for this pup, and he means the world to us.  He is our firstborn child of sorts, and we really had to pull together to get him well.  I never ever want to (get back together--Taylor Swift reference--sorry) go through this again, so we are well on our way with prescription food to keep him healthy and strong.  A less puppy-related post to come soon. Promise.:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving: Part 27

At least it feels like we have moved in 27 different stages.  But I am here to say...IT IS DONE.  For now. :)  We officially cleared out our Nashville home to prepare for closing this week.  I had one major break down along the way, complete with tears, sobs, and "but I loved this house" moments.  However, I put on my big girl panties (as did Andy) and got the job done.  A HUGE thanks to our madres for coming up to help pack along the way.  What would we do without you?  

Here are a few pictures from the crazy moving weekend...

How awful is this picture?  This was an "I need to take a quick picture before we leave" kind of shot.  When I looked at it and saw that it was terrible, I figured I didn't want a better picture of it empty anyway.  A house without my boys and our "pretties" is just a house, right?

Boze locking up the house for the last time.  Duncan is high-tailing it to Grammy's truck to be sure he got to go.  That poor dog has been a nervous wreck all weekend!

A shot of ALL of the ways our junk gets from Nashville to Rome.  A POD for the big stuff, a second Budget truck for other stuff, and 2 cars full of more stuff!

We took one last picture in front of the house.  Christmas card material, for sure.  Not!  Who doesn't look rough after a long day of moving?

So, after loading up, we headed to Rome...where we got to unload all of it.  So fun!  Well, needless to say, our little apartment is busting at the seams now.  I sort of felt like I was going to go crazy, so I started moving things around.  I ended up with this set up in the living room.

You can see the carpet!  This is an improvement, trust me.  What I'm not showing you is all the junk tucked into every nook and cranny everywhere else but the living room.  And I never will!

Well, we are hopefully set to close on our home sale on Thursday.  So, yes, Andy's birthday present will be a settlement statement and some moo-lah!

That's it for now!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A wild ride...

I've started this post several times, and just haven't found or made the time to clean it up and and get it ready for posting.  Our lives have gotten a little more interesting since the last time I wrote, so here are some updates (along with the world's most random photos)...

Duncan's new Halloween PJs from his Grammy.

For those of you who may not know, I started my new teaching job on Monday, August 20th. I am officially an EIP/EL Kindergarten teacher in the Rome City school district. I was very fortunate to even get a teaching job at that point as schools had been back in session since the first of August. I took over the position for another teacher who received a coaching position at another school. I believe God had a hand in this as I have found that there are hundreds of teachers out there looking for jobs, and somehow I was able to land this position. I wish I could say, "I'm just that good" or "My resume is really stellar," but the truth is, I've been given a blessing. And yes, for those wondering, I remind myself that I am blessed nearly 12 times a day as I adjust to life in Kindergarten. I am being challenged in new ways, exhausted to greater extents, and have wondered a few times thus far if God has a sense of humor.:)  I'm learning as I go and am thankful to be able to use my talents. I have found that I'm not sure who I am without teaching, so I am grateful to be back on the front lines.

Sweet Granny

With the excitement of starting the new job in August came a bittersweet event for our family. Andy's sweet Granny passed away the weekend before I began work after fighting a long fight. She gave it her best, and as Andy's mom said several times, she never complained. Her passing was peaceful, we are told. We made it just hours before to see her, and we are both so glad we did. She was a kind soul who loved her family, friends, and quilting. She made us a gorgeous quilt for our wedding that is one of my most prized possessions. But above all, Granny loved God and was faithful to Him until death. I say her passing was bittersweet because we hold fast to the belief that Granny no longer hurts. Granny is home in Heaven with Grandpa and her sons, waiting patiently for the rest of us to join her. Although she will be sorely missed, we are ever grateful that she has left for a far better place.

Towards the beginning of September (the exact date escapes me), we received our first offer on our home in Nashville.  It was a decent offer to start, and after several rounds of negotiations, we settled on a price that we are very happy with.  It has been very obvious to us throughout the process of working with our buyers that they love our home.  What a blessing!  We have such mixed feelings about selling our sweet home that we barely got to know, but we are very thankful that another couple found it and loved it enough to give us a good price for it.  We are set to close in a couple of weeks, so we are planning to load the remaining large items onto a POD next weekend to get everything cleaned out.  This week just happens to be my Fall Break, so luckily I am able to go up early and get everything ready for the move.  I just pray I can get everything done with minimal tear shedding.  Selling our home is such a blessing, but it also finalizes the move to Rome in a large way.

So, as you would imagine, our thoughts have now moved on to..."Where do we go from here?"  Andy and I have gone to look at a few homes, both rentals and ones for sale.  All we know at this point is that finding a decent rental in Rome might be like finding Andy wearing orange.  Or finding a future husband in an elementary school work environment.  Or finding the Vols playing a solid second half of football.  Or finding Duncan awake on a Saturday.  You get the point.  It just isn't happening.  So, the plan for now is to ride out our 6 month lease at the apartment while looking at homes now and then.  Definitely wait until all is closed with our home sale in TN, money gets back to our pockets, etc.--and then, maybe then, get more serious about buying.

Another reason we are considering buying down here is because...well...we don't hate it here.  I know, shock of the century, there are good places to live other than in Nashville.  But for us, we just weren't sure we'd ever feel the way about Rome that we do about Nashville.  Do we hate being far from family and friends?  Well, yeah!  But, we are slowly but surely finding friends here too.  We are really liking the church we've been visiting here, which helps too.  Andy and I are both hard at work, which also helps to give you a sense of purpose each day (whether good or bad!).  We've also talked about how we want to do this complete life upheaval justice.  Stay long enough to make it all worth it.  You know?  We want to buy into our situation here in Georgia enough to feel "at home."  Does any of this make sense?  In short, we are settling in enough where we think we want to feel more permanent than we're going to rent for a bit and take the first job that gets us out of here.  Instead, we are going to settle in, enjoy our work, try to continue making new friends, and pray that God leads us in the direction we ought to go.  After all, that's how we got here!

As you can see, we've had a big month or two, and we are not quite sure where things are headed.  But what we do know is that God is good, we have each other, and we are looking forward to what our future may hold.  I'm not sure when I'll post next, but thanks for checking in!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Berry Biking

As I promised Andy I would, we went for a family bike ride at Berry College this weekend (minus Duncan--he's not much of a biker).  Before I knew it, Andy had taken us 5 or so miles away from our car and we had to make our way for my first ride we traveled approximately 10 miles.  Not bad, right?

After the ride.  Why is my helmet pushed up so far?  Better question.  Why didn't Andy tell me?

Not sure what this face is...

The little Altima holding the bike rack...

When we started, the odometer apparently read "143" or so...thus proving our 10 mile ride.

You can't tell it in the picture, but my backside was pretty sore by this point.  I'm now a firm believer in bike shorts!

Friday, August 10, 2012

One Week Down...

Yep, that's right.  It's been one whole week since we relocated to Georgia.  These are some things that I know...

1.  We are going to be okay.  It's in the little things, really.  Finally figuring out how the major roadways connect up (as I told you yesterday), meeting lots of sweet people at the church we've visited, seeing Andy happy with what he's doing, visiting some of the "sites" in Rome, finding that the Wal-Mart is less shady than the one I was accustomed to in Nashville, and much more.

2.  I like being close to Atlanta.  It's this sweet little nugget of knowledge I carry around with me each day.  And when I visit the local TJ Maxx to find that they have NO decent men's clothing options for Andy, I smile because I know I can talk my other half into taking me to the big city.  It doesn't have to be a major production complete with tanks full of gas and hotel stays, just a day trip to the city will do.  I've got him right where I want him, ladies.

3.  God has a plan.  We have recently discovered even more about Andy's path to working in Rome, and let's just say, it didn't just happen.  We have also discovered numerous connections at the church that we've visited that have helped to make us feel right at home.  I feel more certain all the time that we were meant to take this path.  Where it will lead, I am not quite sure.

4.  I'm thankful to hail from many places.  Andy and I have come into this "smaller" town with a broader perspective since we are coming from Nashville.  We are seeing the beauty in Rome, yet we also know beauty can be found in many other places.  I know my piece of the world is still so small, but I am thankful for the perspective that comes from living in different areas.  Collectively, this makes the fourth state lived in for the Bozemans (Andy--Alabama, me--Kentucky, both--Tennessee/Georgia).  We are just a pair of Southern Belles, are we not?

5.  Duncan is our constant friend and companion.  This move wouldn't be going nearly as well without him.  He's sort of that glue that holds us together.  He's our little buddy, and he is perfectly content just being with us where we are.  I believe he can make any place (even a little apartment) feel like home.

6.  We will ALWAYS have a special, warm, fuzzy spot in our hearts for Nashville.  It is where we met, fell in like and love, married, and became somewhat adult-like.  We made life-long friends, made two houses homes, and gained work experience we might not have gotten elsewhere.  We were within a couple of hours of both sides of our family, and we were in the heart of Predators country (did I mention there isn't hockey down here?!?).  The Music City will always serve as our home away from home.

Well, one week down.  Many more to go!!!

***The pictures included in this post were borrowed from Google Images.  All pictures are of Rome.***