Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sentimental Decor...

My mom came up a week or so ago to help me finish up some of my Christmas decorating.  She brought up some of her own Christmas decor to let me borrow since I am hosting one of the family gatherings this year (intimidating!).  As we were looking through some of the boxes, she pulled one out with my name on it.  My mom then showed me my very own angel collection that I never really knew existed.  I think I had seen a few of the pieces now and then, but I never really put it together that they were mine, and that my mom had begun collecting them for me when I was just a wee baby.  Little does my mom know, I was actually choking back a few tears as we went through the box.  She was able to tell me when and where she purchased most of them, and apparently I was even in a stroller with her as she bought a couple.  So special!  So, of course, I had to find a safe, Duncan-free zone to display the angels as part of our Christmas decor.

Here's the collection!

We even have Mary and baby Jesus in the crowd.

I love the kissing angels--so cute.

These are my absolute favorites in the collection.  They are made in Germany, and the colors are just so fun.  I told Andy that these will surely be displayed in a future nursery.  I just love them!

I also have a few Precious Moments angels in the mix.  I think this one is so sweet with the ornament!

This one was in honor of my first Christmas.

What's really interesting is that my mom and I placed them on this dresser in the guest bedroom for no reason other than it was a safe, uncluttered space for them to be spread out.  However, when I went back up to take pictures for this very post, I couldn't help but notice that my collection had been placed around a very special photo (that I keep in the guest bedroom for now because it still makes me a bit sad to look at). 

This is a photo (my favorite) of me on my granddad's lap when I was little.  I love how incredibly happy we look here.  I like to think of him in heaven with the angels watching over my grandmother and extended family (and cutting jokes while he's at it), and so I thought it was really interesting that my angel collection would find its home surrounding this photo of him.  After all, he certainly earned his wings and halo while on Earth (but at times was a real stinker!).  So glad he became a part of the display this year. :) 

Thanks again, Mom, for passing on these "pretties" to me--they mean so much!!!

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