Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick Update...IKEA Frames!!!

First off, can we Tennesseans please gather together and form a petition for IKEA to bless us with its presence?  I mean, getting all the way to Atlanta is not always the most convenient.  It's also a lot of pressure to purchase exactly what you need every time you visit (since that is like once to twice a year, if I'm lucky). 

Honestly, if I could just consistently get a hold of their photo frames, I think I'd be okay.  They just have such a great variety of sizes and styles.  Now stepping off of the soap box to show you our new "art" in the master bedroom...

So, we used the 20.5 inch square black Ribba frames for the grouping.

Needing to fill these frames rather quickly (due to the upcoming Christmas celebration at the house), I simply filled them with some 12x12 scrapbook pages that I felt would bring out the colors in the bedding.

A very cheap way to fill frames!

A major shout-out to the Hubster.  He actually bailed me out when I was having a lot of trouble getting these lined up.  He is VERY particular and mathematical about hanging frames, so he was just the man for the job.  Thanks, Handy Andy!

The grouping actually helps make the mirror look a little less massive, and it helps to draw the eye up--we actually have pretty high ceilings in here!

And a picture with the flash so that you can really see the coloring in the pages.  The two yellows are actually a shade different. 

So there you have it.  A last minute "art" project to make the bedroom look more finished!

In other news...

Our little Bozeman family opened stockings together last night.  It was our own miniature Christmas celebration before we begin the various runnings around to see all the family.

Of course, the only child got to open first.  A new toy!
(Ignore my outfit--blue on blue?  Really?)

Meet Gus the Monkey.  We found him at TJ Maxx, and every part of him squeaks.  It is driving Duncan crazy!

Love at first bite...

Best buds...

You always want your friends to taste good, right?

And in front of the tree.  We are blessed with a very sweet pup!

Side note:  This morning Duncan keeps looking up at his stocking and back at me.  I think he must assume that his stocking will magically grow a new toy each day.  Too funny!  Typical kid not wanting Christmas to be over. :)

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  1. They just have such a great variety of sizes and styles. Now stepping off of the soap box to show you our new "art" in the master bedroom.

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