Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a little crafting...

So, after filling glass ball ornaments with my students at school (which were then featured at the governor's mansion--woohoo!), I was inspired to get my crafting on.  Oh, and click here to visit a sweet friend's blog post about the governor's trees covered in adorable kid-crafted ornaments.  My class did the "Where's Waldo?" ornaments...

Anywho, I decided to try a couple of ideas I had seen online with a couple of glass ornaments.  I started with the cut-up wedding invite idea...

Truth be told, we ended up with a few extra wedding invites.  I framed one that we have up in our house, and the rest are stored away in a file folder.  So, when I spotted an idea that made better use of an old wedding invitation, I decided to go for it.

First, you cut the invite up into strips.

Then roll the strips into curly-cues (making sure that the words are visible, of course).

I used a small paintbrush to help roll the pieces.  Since the invite was made of heavy cardstock, this seemed to work best.

The pile of curls...

Then I shoved them into the ornament...

Cute, right?  There are so many possibilities with this.  First birthday party invites for a little one, sweet notes/cards from a loved one, etc.  So easy!

Next, I tried the marble paint ornament idea we have all seen on the internet. 

I left my red and green craft paint at work, so I was left to use the paints I had at the house.  The first ones I came across were yellow, white, and gray wall paint.  I just squirted the paint into the ornament, put the top back on, and shook and swirled. It took a few tries to ensure that the entire ornament was covered. 

It kind of looks like a caramel sundae melted in the ornament, but that's fine by me.   

On the tree!

There you have it.  A couple of ornaments that took just a couple of minutes!

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